A Neo Tropical Companion

Author: Jamie Stewart
ISBN: 9789081709149
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A Neo Tropical Companion is the first collection of haikus written by Xiu Xiu singer, Jamie Stewart. This is the first time his haikus, which have been featured in several literary journals and small press releases, will be comprehensively collected. Two thirds of the work will include new poems written for specifically for this book. The title, A Neo Tropical Companion, comes from an antiquated guide book to North East South America that Stewart found molding on the ground in the jungle. The poems, written in the classical Japanese poetry form, concern death, uncertainty, cats, being on weird tours, horrible sex, hating other people, bird watching in Guyana, and growing up in a dim and boxed-in valley.

Techniques Of Healthy Cooking

Author: Culinary Institute of America
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470635436
Size: 60.16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Offers an up-to-date guide to healthy eating, discussing nutritional requirements, dietary guidelines, healthful cooking techniques, and offering more than five hundred recipes from Mediterranean, Asian, and vegetarian cuisines.

Real Cajun

Author: Donald Link
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
ISBN: 0770434207
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An untamed region teeming with snakes, alligators, and snapping turtles, with sausage and cracklins sold at every gas station, Cajun Country is a world unto itself. The heart of this area—the Acadiana region of Louisiana—is a tough land that funnels its spirit into the local cuisine. You can’t find more delicious, rustic, and satisfying country cooking than the dirty rice, spicy sausage, and fresh crawfish that this area is known for. It takes a homegrown guide to show us around the back roads of this particularly unique region, and in Real Cajun, James Beard Award–winning chef Donald Link shares his own rough-and-tumble stories of living, cooking, and eating in Cajun Country. Link takes us on an expedition to the swamps and smokehouses and the music festivals, funerals, and holiday celebrations, but, more important, reveals the fish fries, étouffées, and pots of Granny’s seafood gumbo that always accompany them. The food now famous at Link’s New Orleans–based restaurants, Cochon and Herbsaint, has roots in the family dishes and traditions that he shares in this book. You’ll find recipes for Seafood Gumbo, Smothered Pork Roast over Rice, Baked Oysters with Herbsaint Hollandaise, Louisiana Crawfish Boudin, quick and easy Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits with Fig-Ginger Preserves, Bourbon-Soaked Bread Pudding with White and Dark Chocolate, and Blueberry Ice Cream made with fresh summer berries. Link throws in a few lagniappes to give you an idea of life in the bayou, such as strategies for a great trip to Jazz Fest, a what-not-to-do instructional on catching turtles, and all you ever (or never) wanted to know about boudin sausage. Colorful personal essays enrich every recipe and introduce his grandfather and friends as they fish, shrimp, hunt, and dance. From the backyards where crawfish boils reign as the greatest of outdoor events to the white tablecloths of Link’s famed restaurants, Real Cajun takes you on a rollicking and inspiring tour of this wild part of America and shares the soulful recipes that capture its irrepressible spirit.

Keto Slow Cooker One Pot Meals

Author: Martina Slajerova
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1631595393
Size: 80.54 MB
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Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals packs 100 high-fat, low-carb, keto recipes! Make healthy dinners quickly even as you get healthy, lose weight, and control your blood sugar. Slow cooker and one pot meals are the ultimate convenience food. Just fix it and forget it, then enjoy a nourishing meal when everyone gets home. Unfortunately, most slow cooker and one-pot recipes depend on processed, high-carbohydrate ingredients like noodles, potatoes, and other high-glycemic ingredients which aren’t allowed on the ketogenic diet. Now you can combine the convenience of slow cooker and one pot recipes with your ketogenic lifestyle! Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals lets you enjoy your slow cooker again without sacrificing your keto diet. This unique cookbook is filled with 100 keto recipes for everything from satisfying soups to quick skillet meals and savory stews. With Keto Slow Cooker & One-Pot Meals you'll always be able to get a healthy ketogenic meal on the table without the fuss.

Gas Installation Technology

Author: R. D. Treloar
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444319828
Size: 70.12 MB
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The second edition of Gas Installation Technology will be of interest to all concerned with gas installation work, whether plumbers, heating engineers or dedicated gas fitters. It continues to provide a definitive text for students taking NVQ gas installation and plumbing courses, and a useful reference for operatives renewing their gas competences. Brought fully up to date to comply with the latest regulations and best practices, it covers domestic, commercial and LPG installations, and provides essential information in a concise, readable, colourful and highly illustrated format. The new edition features enhanced diagrams and photographs to aid understanding. The second edition of Gas Installation Technology continues to be a companion to the author’s highly successful textbook, Plumbing, and together both books offer plumbers, heating engineers and gas fitters, or students of these disciplines, unrivalled coverage of their subject. Fully revised to cover the latest legislation, best practices and current installation procedures, it covers domestic, commercial and LPG installations Still the only textbook devoted to domestic gas, commercial gas and LPG installation Concise and readable, heavily illustrated with colour diagrams and photographs to aid understanding and recall

Leon Fast Vegetarian

Author: Henry Dimbleby
Publisher: Conran
ISBN: 1840916486
Size: 29.32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Leon: Fast Vegetarian enables you to make the most of the fresh vegetables available in markets, allotments, veg boxes and supermarkets. The philosophy at the heart of this book is about cooking and eating delicious, healthy fast food made from sustainable ingredients. Eating less - or no - meat has become key to the way many of us cook and this collection of more than 150 really simple, really fast recipes, is a treat for vegivores everywhere. The first part of the book offers Star Turns, those vegetable-based dishes that can stand alone as a whole meal, with ideas for Breakfast & Brunch, Pasta, Grains & Pulses, Pies & Bakes, Rice & Curry and Kids while the second part, Supporting Cast, explores accompaniments and smaller plates with chapters on Grazing Dishes, Sides, and Pickles, Salsas, Chutneys & Dressings.

Money In The Kitchen

Author: Kristen Homan
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477181911
Size: 35.72 MB
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My mother was the cooker in our house while growing up. She was a stay at home Mom for almost all of my youth and my Dad was a traveling salesman who was gone typically monday through thursday. Running the house was my mother's responsibility and as my sister and I got older we assumed more domestic tasks. I recall my mother usually in one of three places as a kid - at the stove, the clothesline and at the head of the table. It's always nice to have company in the kitchen. Anyone who's ever hosted a party knows that everyone is in the cook's way, but the every day drudgery of cooking doesn't afford one the lively conversation with family members. These days the draw of TV and internet pulls your family away from you as you're again relegated to peeling half a bag of potatoes with only the scraper to break the silence. As kids, we had to help with the work...I'm not suggesting that every day in the kitchen was quality time spent with my mother, and I'm not being nostalgic or sentimental. I hated being pulled away from Buggs Bunny and, a little later in my years, Oprah. But I did chat it up with my mother as I chopped or did some kind of prep work with her. It was a slow saturation over the years which is how I learned so many basics in home cooking" that many kids (mine included) need a GPS to navigate the kitchen and its accoutrements. I watched and learned-whether it was a conscious effort or just the repetition I became kitchen savvy early on and my epicurean roots go back to my single digit years.I come from a long line of serious eaters and fabulous cooks. Like eating Olympics. Mostly everything Mom made was from scratch. We did have convenience foods - we weren't snobs about food - we ate condensed soup, ellio's pizza and an occasional pop tart. My mother preferred to feed us the way she did because that was how she was taught and its just cheaper to cook that way. I lived in a small town in a rural area whose culinary delights were a taste freeze, pappy's pizza, and a tiny diner that to this day still does not take credit cards. We rarely went out to dinner. The closest McDonalds then was 15 miles away. There were times that my mother, for as a good a cook that she was and still is, did not delight my palette. Leftover roast beef was ground up/pureed and mixed with leftover mashed potatoes and sprinkled with breadcrumbs and baked. Roast beef hash. Ick. you can assemble and bake at your own risk. It looked like dog food. That is the only mention of hash in this book. Ill never forget the smell of liver and onions. Mom and Dad bought half of a cow - mysterious meats wrapped in white butcher paper with bluish ink stamped indentifying what part was what. As the packed freezer dwindled we knew there was a chance at some point - liver was for dinner.I had thoughts of taking the liver to school and putting in my third grade teachers filing cabinet over a long weekend. I hated her. I hated liver. Holidays and family gatherings were always a good time and you made sure that you wore buffet pants to accommodate the "food baby" that resulted from over eating. Its weird to look 5 months pregnant at 12 years old. Of course, familial paparazzi has memorialized most of my youth at the "kids table" with all the cousins. It was good times and pretty much every holiday or gathering offered the same dishes with some variations here and there depending on what magazine publication flaunted a new recipe (remember the first time you ever had spinach dip?) we all ate in good spirit. Full stomach. Happy heart. My maternal grandmother was 100% Irish and my maternal grandfather 100% Polish. My grandmother's best friend married an Italian and owned a pizzeria. You can imagine how well we ate considering that most of Europe's food cultures were represented. When my aunt married a man from Thailand we incorporated some Asian flair to our buffet repertoire and life just got even better. Some people eat to live. We lived to eat. Eating and gathering, experimenting, celebrating is what we did and we did it well. Time has separated all of us with either death or distance but I have fond memories of those years. I have incorporated some old traditions and tried to introduce new ones with my family. Given today's extended and separated families, work demands and even the lack of finances, or the new normal I guess you could call it, its challenging to keep the kitchen as the center of the home but its worth the effort. Growing up in a rural farming area there was nothing to do. We weren't close to a mall or a movie theater. Cable hadn't been invented. There weren't any athletic clubs or organizations unless you were a boy. True story. My athleticism extended to hoping I didn't get picked last for kickball and avoid dodge-ball. One year my mother enrolled my sister and I in 4-H. We didn't grow up on a farm. I could smell them wafting into my room at night, but I never had to get up early and feed anything but my face. I had friends who had livestock or horses and my mother's very good friend had a farm. To this day I can identify a soy bean field from a potato field. I know the olfactory difference between chicken shit and pig shit. Since we had no livestock to show, my sister and I took cooking classes, painted ceramics and learned to sew. We would show our wares at the state fair. Essentially we entered future suzy-homemaker competitions. I learned how to sew a zipper into a skirt, attach sleeves to a blouse, the art of canning, how yeast makes bread rise glazed pottery, and how to set a table that compliments the dish you're serving. My parents had a huge garden. I would have to help pick some of the fruits of this dirt chamber. Let me tell you, if I ever pick another bush bean it will be too soon. I hated how cucumber plants have little prickly things on the back of the leaves that scratched my skin. I hated swatting bees away from me while I picked near blossoms and dirtied my tube socks. Lima beans, pole beans, tomatoes of all varieties, squash, zucchini; I had to pick them all a few times a week, wash them, slice them and help my mother can them. It was a long hot process that took most of the day. How many quarts of endless vegetables did I have to help prepare for winter? I couldn't even fathom a guess. I am convinced I would have made a terrible pioneer and I am quite thankful that I am spoiled by so many conveniences. What was a moderate high light to this country lifestyle is that fellow farming /gardening friends would help out when the garden exploded and it seemed like I would snap beans forever but at least we had friends to help us do it. Camaraderie helps in the survival of menial tasks. "

Les Petits Macarons

Author: Kathryn Gordon
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 0762443634
Size: 75.81 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Macarons, the stuff of bakers’ candy-coated dreams, have taken the world by storm and are demystified here for the home baker, With dozens of flavor combinations, recipes are structured with three basic shell methods—French, Swiss, and Italian—plus one never-before-seen Easiest French Macaron Method. Pick one that works for you, and go on to create French-inspired pastry magic with nothing more than a mixer, an oven, and a piping bag. Try shells flavored with pistachio, blackberry, coconut, and red velvet, filled with the likes of sesame buttercream, strawberry guava pâte de fruit, crunchy dark chocolate ganache, and lemon curd. Or go savory with shells like saffron, parsley, and ancho chile paired with fillings like hummus, foie gras with black currant, and duck confit with port and fig. The options for customization are endless, and the careful, detailed instruction is like a private baking class in your very own kitchen! All recipes have been tested by students and teachers alike and are guaranteed to bring the flavors of France right to your door.

Mccance And Widdowson S The Composition Of Foods

Author: Robert Alexander McCance
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 9780854044283
Size: 53.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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McCance and Widdowsons's The Composition of Foods, Seventh Summary Edition provides a timely, authoritative and comprehensive update of the nutrient data for the most commonly consumed foods in the UK. Foods that are less commonly consumed but are important in the diets of sub-groups of the population are also included. This Seventh Summary Edition contains data which has been reviewed and updated since the last edition was published in 2002 and incorporates data from previously published supplements plus new analytical data and additional data from manufacturers. New data includes updates on key foods in the UK diet including flours and grains, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, biscuits, cakes, eggs, fat spreads, fruits, vegetables, fish and fish products. Values for a wide range of nutrients (e.g. proximates, inorganics, vitamins, fibre and fatty acids) are provided and additional tables provide data for carotenoid fractions, vitamin E fractions and vitamin K for selected foods. Values for specific nutrients, including sodium, sugars, saturated and trans fatty acids in processed foods have been updated to reflect changes resulting from health policy and recent industry initiatives on reformulations. AOAC fibre values have been included for a wide range of foods to enable energy calculations, including fibre for food labelling purposes. Aimed at students and professionals in all food and health disciplines, this essential handbook should be on the bookshelf of everyone who needs to know the nutritional value of foods consumed in the UK.