Demons Angels

Author: J.K. Norry
Publisher: Sudden Insight Publishing
ISBN: 099072803X
Size: 33.70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Meet the unsung heroes of the supernatural... They live normal lives on the surface, going to work, the bank and the grocery store like everyone else. All day they watch their countdown. When the moment comes, they draw their swords, don their armored overcoats, and walk between worlds. They stop demons from overwhelming people, without being seen and without asking a word of thanks. For thousands of years they have labored to save mankind from itself, quietly, one soul at a time. When Paul is thrust into this hidden world between worlds, he must learn to keep his secrets as quickly as he must master his mysterious weapon. His new powers are amazing, and his faithful guide is there to teach him the ancient ways of the demon hunter; yet questions nag at Paul's mind while it overflows with new information. If Heaven is not truly perfect, and Hell is his only hope, he fears that walking between them will also mean walking away from the woman of his dreams; and if he loses her, he loses everything...

Angels And Demons

Author: Dan Brown
ISBN: 9781439131107
Size: 56.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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An ancient secret brotherhood. A devastating new weapon of destruction. An unthinkable target. When world-renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze a mysterious symbol -- seared into the chest of a murdered physicist -- he discovers evidence of the unimaginable: the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati...the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth. The Illuminati has now surfaced to carry out the final phase of its legendary vendetta against its most hated enemy -- the Catholic Church. Langdon's worst fears are confirmed on the eve of the Vatican's holy conclave, when a messenger of the Illuminati announces they have hidden an unstoppable time bomb at the very heart of Vatican City. With the countdown under way, Langdon jets to Rome to join forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and mysterious Italian scientist, to assist the Vatican in a desperate bid for survival. Embarking on a frantic hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, deserted cathedrals, and even the most secretive vault on earth, Langdon and Vetra follow a 400-year-old trail of ancient symbols that snakes across Rome toward the long-forgotten Illuminati lair...a clandestine location that contains the only hope for Vatican salvation. An explosive international thriller, Angels & Demons careens from enlightening epiphanies to dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war.

Angels Demons Gods Of The New Millenium

Author: Lon Milo Duquette
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 9781578630103
Size: 13.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are angels and demons real? What makes the New Age the New Age? Does consciousness survive death? Writing from the perspective of a practicing ceremonial magician, one of America's most knowledgeable and engaging authorities on Western Hermeticism answers these questions and many more with humor and personal anecdotes. Illustrated and with color fold-out.

Heritage In The Digital Era

Author: Rodanthi Tzanelli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136163360
Size: 28.60 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What happens to traditional conceptions of heritage in the era of fluid media spaces? ‘Heritage’ usually involves intergenerational transmission of ideas, customs, ancestral lands, and artefacts, and so serves to reproduce national communities over time. However, media industries have the power to transform national lands and histories into generic landscapes and ideas through digital reproductions or modifications, prompting renegotiations of belonging in new ways. Contemporary media allow digital environments to function as transnational classrooms, creating virtual spaces of debate for people with access to televised, cinematic and Internet ideas and networks. This book examines a range of popular cinematic interventions that are reshaping national and global heritage, across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australasia. It examines collaborative or adversarial articulations of such enterprise (by artists, directors, producers but also local, national and transnational communities) that blend activism with commodification, presenting new cultural industries as fluid but significant agents in the production of new public spheres. Heritage in the Digital Era will appeal to students and scholars of sociology, film studies, tourist studies, globalization theory, social theory, social movements, human/cultural geography, and cultural studies.

Deliverance From Darkness

Author: James W. Goll
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 0800794826
Size: 57.22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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An esteemed teacher and former pastor, James W. Goll is one of the leading prophetic voices of our time. Now, for the first time, he offers his wisdom and insight in one accessible manual on the challenging topic of deliverance. Among the subjects he covers are: tools and practical help for overcoming the demonic how to handle the raging battle of temptation techniques to keep yourself refreshed during the fight characteristics of demonic entities and their strategies how to break curses the healing qualities of blessings and more With a companion study guide also available, Goll's action-oriented approach walks readers step by step through the process of freeing both themselves and others from problems they cannot overcome. When believers claim their authority in Christ, hope and healing can be theirs.

Encounters With Spirits How I Met God Angels And Demons

Author: CAN ũa Waya
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1498404847
Size: 39.67 MB
Format: PDF
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I have never been to heaven and neither have I ever been to hell, but both have come to me. Amidst an exotic landscape of distant lands, intra-clan rivalries, and family legacies begins the honest, humble, and achingly sincere autobiography and testimony of CAN ũa Waya. While most stories begin in the “ordinary world,” Waya’s ordinary world was populated by witchdoctors, werewolves, and shape-shifters. In this book he tells of his life in which spirituality—in some form or other—has been inextricable from the everyday events of his life since earliest childhood. Waya has experienced the many faces of God as he journeyed through complicated relationships with his family and encountered both catastrophic and mundane obstacles, yet he still arrived at an unconditional, unshakable faith in God. Though Waya examines demonology, extraterrestrials, and the occult with an uncommon intimacy, his main goal and purpose is to point those seeking lasting freedom from demonic oppression to Christ Jesus, whose compassion remains unchanged. “Do you want to be helped?” I answered and said, “Yes. Please help me, Lord.” And that was all the praying I did that morning. There may be no prayer dearer to the heart of God.

33 Keys To Unlocking The Lost Symbol

Author: Thomas R. Beyer
ISBN: 1458715728
Size: 67.94 MB
Format: PDF
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This book is designed to appeal to fans of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon novels, particularly The Lost Symbol (2009). Beyer explores some of the book's codes, puzzles, and historical references. Although he does raise some interesting questions-How does The Lost Symbol's original title, The Solomon Key, help us to understand the meaning and importance of one of the book's characters?-he also spends a lot of time on matters peripheral to his theme. Why, for example, in a book that is presumably being read by someone who is intimately familiar with Brown's novels and their hero, Robert Langdon, would the author devote nearly 2 full pages to a physical description of the character and an explanation of what he does for a living? Similarly, the author's lengthy travelogue-like description of The Lost Symbol's setting, Washington, D.C., could be replaced by a simple list of elements from the Brown novel that actually exist in Washington, freeing up 30-odd pages for meatier pursuits. Recommended for readers who can't get enough of Brown and Langdon, but for a better-and much more entertaining-exploration of Brown's techniques, try The Va Dinci Cod (2005), the hilarious Da Vinci Code parody written by A. R. R. R. Roberts

Unmasking The Enemy

Author: Michael Gillyard
ISBN: 1936989603
Size: 69.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Unmasking The Enemy is a prophetic book that will help Christian leaders and believers learn how to engage the battle by using the Blood of Jesus against the Identity of the Enemy when dealing with spiritual principalities in high, wicked places. This practical guide for deliverance will help to set people free from many generational curses. It will restore joy and victory in the lives of believers by giving them a spiritual understanding of how to wage warfare through the Word of God. What you Should Know about Casting Out Demons Unmasking the Enemy by Name Spiritual Empowerment There is Joy in Deliverance The Blood of Jesus Against the Identity of the Enemy Victory Over the House of Hindrance Understanding The Power of Worship in Warfare

Colandra S Crusade Angels And Demons Collide

Author: Susie Pilkington-Wood
Publisher: Fingerpress
ISBN: 1908824042
Size: 38.92 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Angels and demons collide in this epic new series. Last year alone, over 300 coma patients' souls went wandering. Colandra has the opposite problem: he's lost his body. Somewhere, he believes, it's locked in a coma. And the demon Lars will do everything in his power to stop Colandra taking it. But Lars is so busy with his plans of world domination that he fails to notice the troupe of angels lining up to stop him - and his own servant, Vorce, quietly gaining power to achieve his own plan - to take over the universe. Meanwhile Colandra's spirit is reintroduced to his soulmate Michelle from a previous life, and together they resolve to thwart Lars' and Vorce's plans - and in the process reunite Colandra with his body.

Angels Demons Movie Tie In

Author: Dan Brown
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416580824
Size: 17.81 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3067
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The murder of a world-famous physicist raises fear that the Illuminati are operating again after centuries of silence, and religion professor Robert Langdon is called in to assist with the case. By the author of Digital Fortress. Reprint.