Her Best Men

Author: Rye Hart
ISBN: 9781986709491
Size: 40.24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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It's the night before Katie's wedding - and the O'Conner brothers can't help but desire the blushing bride to be.The O'Conner brothers were my friends.Camping trips were always fun.Keeping each other warm with body to body contact.But, that's where it stopped.Because they were my brother's best friends.And, I was forbidden fruit.Now, years later, I'm back in town for my wedding.And, I see all four men approaching me.There's this mischievous look in their eyes.And, it's hard not to notice their gaze lingering on my every curve.I must be imagining it, right?How can all four millionaire brothers want me?Then, the craziest thing happens...I call off the wedding on the night of my rehearsal dinner.Turns out my ex-fiancé is a cheating douchebag. Good thing I have four hot men to keep my spirits up.And this time nothing's stopping them from living out their fantasies of me.Will this be the most unforgettable time ever?Or, will we break a lifetime of friendships if my brother finds out?

Because I Love You

Author: Amy Brent
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781717082961
Size: 71.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Two years ago, he took my innocence and ran, Luckily for me, he's a slow runner. He doesn't know that he gave me the most beautiful gift in the world - my son. I'm going to give him a gift too - revenge! And if he's thinking he can get me and my son... Well, he can go take a walk! She's my best friend's little sister. I should never have touched her. But I did. She was hot. She was fun. She was begging me for it. So I gave it to her... all night long. I told her I loved her. I promised her the moon and stars. I meant every word. Then I vanished. I couldn't tell her why. I still can't. We haven't talked since. But I saw her yesterday. She's still hot enough to stop traffic, Even with a kid. She's got secrets, but so do I. I know she still wants me, but she's not begging this time. This time she wants me to beg. But I don't beg. I take. And I'm taking Jessi. Secrets and all.

Brother S Keeper

Author: Elizabeth Finn
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1595789820
Size: 61.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Trapped in a web of hate with no escape, a young woman discovers her attraction to the man determined to protect her may be her undoing. Will time run out, or will he find a way to protect her before her abusive father kills her? Revised (This book has been edited from its original version. The changes made are not substantial and do not change the readability of the story.) When Rowan is awarded a ballet scholarship to Michigan State University during her senior year of high school, her life’s dream is finally realized. Having lost her mother at an early age and being subjected to the abuse of a destitute drunken father, she has known unimaginable loss and heartache and been left wanting for a better life—a life now within her grasp. But with one ill-fated phone call, her life is turned upside down. Logan is Rowan's best friend’s older brother whose career is taking off as he prepares to graduate law school and move cross-country to the prestigious law firm that has offered him a very lucrative contract. When Rowan finds herself at Logan’s mercy after he inadvertently learns of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of her father, their lives become intertwined in a way neither ever imagined nor wanted. In an effort to protect her, but with his own hands tied by her unwillingness to report the abuse, Logan strikes a deal requiring Rowan to stay with him whenever there is a chance her father might be on a drunken binge—which is often. For her agreement and cooperation, he will keep her secret. Soon, their time together weighs on them both, and they find themselves constantly tempted to step outside the bounds of their supposed platonic relationship. But there is no point. The devastating fact of the matter is their lives are moving in opposite directions—a relationship destined to die before it even has a chance to live. The ever present clock plagues them both as it ticks off the days until they are parted. But one all important question remains—after he leaves, how will he protect her from a father intent on hating her until the day he dies ... or the day he kills her? Content Notes: Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Graphic Non-Sexual, Contemporary

Bride By Mistake

Author: Nicole Helm
Publisher: Tule Publishing
ISBN: 1942240554
Size: 36.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Wedding fever has hit the little town of Marietta… And Kaitlin Shuller’s groom is marrying someone else. Worst day ever. The man of her dreams is making vows to another woman. Her heart is broken, and all her carefully laid plans destroyed. Enter Beckett Larson, her older brother’s best friend and a very good bad decision. Beckett has spent his life trying to outrun his bad reputation, but everyone already thinks the worst of him, so when Kaitlin offers herself to him — virginity and all— he just can’t say no. But one night together has permanent consequences, and this time Beckett knows he can’t outrun his bad boy reputation. He’s determined to make Kaitlin his bride…even if he has to seduce her down the aisle.

Brother S Best Friend Unwrapped

Author: Aria Ford
ISBN: 9781981815982
Size: 40.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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He's my brother's best friend.Back in high school, I gave him my heart. He broke it and left to join the Army.Now he's at my brother's house for our family Christmas. I know I should run, go back home before I let Carson hurt me again. But I can't disappoint my brother's kids by leaving.He's still gorgeous and arrogant, but the pain in his eyes draws me in.I can't resist him. This sizzling attraction is stronger than ever.Every stolen kiss, every secret rendezvous just makes me fall deeper for him. We're sneaking around my brother's house like teenagers, hot and breathless.But something's wrong-he keeps pushing me away, wrestling his own demons from the war-I want to be there for him and make him forget everything else but us. What if he won't let me?Maybe this is my chance to be naughty for Christmas. Or maybe he's the answer to all my dreams.

All American Boys

Author: Jason Reynolds
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481463330
Size: 54.39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 563
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When sixteen-year-old Rashad is mistakenly accused of stealing, classmate Quinn witnesses his brutal beating at the hands of a police officer who happens to be the older brother of his best friend. Told through Rashad and Quinn's alternating viewpoints.

The Accidental Fiance

Author: Krista Thoren
Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
ISBN: 1460869605
Size: 45.63 MB
Format: PDF
View: 422
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Women to Watch Oops they got engaged! And they weren't even dating! At least, not romantically speaking. Brianna Tully had disqualified herself from the dating game, but she still needed a pretend date to throw off her meddling family. Grant Addison was happy to help a friend, even if it meant pretending to be her fiance to satisfy her relatives. Little did Brianna know that her counterfeit fiance had a motive of his own to become a husband. And funny thing, Grant had secretly set his sights on his pretend bride–to–be becoming his real–life wife! For a humorous very nineties look at love, exciting new talent Krista Thoren is one of our Women to Watch

The Way I Used To Be

Author: Amber Smith
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481449362
Size: 41.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 6308
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"After fourteen-year-old Eden is raped by her brother's best friend, she knows she'll never be the way she used to be"--

The Countess Conspiracy

Author: Courtney Milan
Publisher: Courtney Milan
ISBN: 1937248208
Size: 26.16 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 876
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Sebastian Malheur is the most dangerous sort of rake: an educated one. When he’s not scandalizing ladies in the bedchamber, he’s outraging proper society with his scientific theories. He’s desired, reviled, acclaimed, and despised—and he laughs through it all. Violet Waterfield, the widowed Countess of Cambury, on the other hand, is entirely respectable, and she’d like to stay that way. But Violet has a secret that is beyond ruinous, one that ties her irrevocably to England’s most infamous scoundrel: Sebastian’s theories aren’t his. They’re hers. So when Sebastian threatens to dissolve their years-long conspiracy, she’ll do anything to save their partnership...even if it means opening her vulnerable heart to the rake who could destroy it for good. The books in the Brothers Sinister series: ½. The Governess Affair (free prequel novella) 1. The Duchess War 1½. A Kiss for Midwinter (a companion novella to The Duchess War) 2. The Heiress Effect 3. The Countess Conspiracy 4. The Suffragette Scandal 4½. Talk Sweetly to Me

His Best Friend S Girl

Author: Cathryn Fox
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 9781619231993
Size: 29.83 MB
Format: PDF
View: 299
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With a little help-and a little kink-from her friend, she might just get her man. In the Line of Duty, Book 5 Skylar Redmond's Sky Bar is regularly wall-to-wall hot soldiers. Yet she is alone-and getting tired of it. Forget about finding a man who'll rock her world in the bedroom. She'll settle for a guy who's stable, kind and compassionate. Too bad that guy still sees her as the pigtailed girl from their youth, not the strong woman she is today. But maybe, with a little help, that'll change. As an ex-military field ambulance technician, Matt James excels at performing under pressure. Pretending to be interested in Skylar to help her capture the attention of his best friend? Piece of cake-because he won't be faking it. He's been in love with her since their school yard days, but never pushed it. She deserves someone who can offer her more. A touch leads to a kiss, and a kiss to a night that throws a kink-or three-into Sky's plan. Leaving her wondering if she's going for the wrong man...and letting the right one slip through her fingers. Warning: This book contains a girl with her eyes on the wrong prize, and a half-cocked plan-but definitely not a half-cocked hero.