Coaching Skills For Leaders In The Workplace

Author: Jackie Arnold
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472138872
Size: 42.18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book will give you the knowledge and skills to understand the differences between coaching, supervision & mentoring. It will demonstrate how effective coaching programmes can enhance behaviours and retain key staff. How it can reduce recruitment costs, promote well-being and give a robust return on investment. It offers leaders and managers proven behaviours, coaching and supervision models and techniques that can be adapted for any environment. It supports the requirements for the ILM and CMI Coaching and Mentoring in Management Qualifications at levels 5 and 7. The book includes: Comparison of effective leadership styles and application, establishing the right conditions and climate for coaching, overcoming the barriers to coaching and /or supervision, enhancing communication and workplace understanding and presenting a clear business case for coaching & supervision.

Coaching Skills For Leaders In The Workplace

Author: Jackie Arnold
Publisher: How To Books
ISBN: 1845285662
Size: 64.83 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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This book provides instruction on the requirements for the Institute of Leadership and Management coaching & mentoring qualifications levels 5-7. As a leader, senior manager or executive, you are often required to act as a coach or mentor for your staff. This book will enable you to set up coaching programmes that can make a significant difference to staff retention and motivation. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to encourage your staff to grow so that you can get on with your own essential leadership role. In this book you'll discover how to: - become an effective leader and coach *distinguish between coaching and mentoring - establish the right coaching climate *develop effective communication skills - set up the first coaching session *present a business case for coaching ...and much more. You'll also find out the various coaching models available and equip yourself with useful tools and exercises that you can employ in your coaching sessions. Contents: List of figures and tables; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. What is Coaching?; 2. Become an effective leader and coach; 3. Internal and external coaching; 4. The differences between coaching and mentoring; 5. Establishing the right climate; 6. Coaching Models; 7. Coaching tools and exercises; 8. Effective communication skills; 9. Analysing comminications to indentify meaning; 10. Respecting others' worldviews and motivating your coachees; 11. Overcoming barriers to coaching and mentoring; 12. Understanding the role of power and authority; 13. Setting up the first session; 14. Presenting a business case for coaching; 15. Coaching supervision and super-vision; 16. Co-Coaching and team coaching; 17. Organisational approaches to coaching; Appendix 1: Sample forms and competences; Appendix 2: Controlling costs; Appendix 3: Case studies and evidence to support the value of coaching; Useful resources; Index

Coaching For Performance

Author: John Whitmore
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1857884094
Size: 11.22 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This extensively revised and expanded new edition clearly explains the principles of coaching, with illustrations from business and sport.

Coaching And Performance Management

Author: Bahaudin Ghulam Mujtaba
Publisher: Ilead Academy
ISBN: 9780977421145
Size: 74.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this book, coaching is focused on developing a trusting relationship with others, as well as on clarifying expectations and goals, thereby leading to specific action plans for their achievement. The skills and behaviors of effective coaches are presented and thoroughly discussed.

Management Starts With You

Author: Alan Hester
Publisher: Robinson
ISBN: 1472137310
Size: 64.56 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Management Starts With You is a wise, honest and practical guide to success in this challenging but fascinating role. Among many powerful insights we learn that: . Before we can successfully manage others we first need to manage ourselves. · Most of us do not naturally know how to manage, but we can learn. · Life as a manager is easier when we stop thinking about the effect of our actions on ourselves and think instead about their effect on others. · People don't want to be managed, but they absolutely need the security of being led. · Being respected is much more important than being liked! · Traditional time management techniques don't work for managers, so we need to rethink our approach to this most precious of all resources. · What we focus on we get more of; so we need to focus on the right things.

Unlocking Potential

Author: Michael K. Simpson
Publisher: Grand Harbor Pub
ISBN: 9781477824009
Size: 57.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Provides a guide for executives seeking to coach and motivate their employees, explaining how to encourage and develop the talents of their staff to increase productivity, profitability, loyalty, and customer focus.

A Manager S Guide To Coaching

Author: Brian Emerson
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn
ISBN: 9780814410813
Size: 80.77 MB
Format: PDF
View: 7213
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To stay on top, companies need to do more than just tread water—they need to grow. And that means that their employees need to develop and improve their skills at the same pace. More than ever, managers are being encouraged to improve employee performance through effective coaching, but so few of them have the time—or the knowledge—it takes to do it successfully. Brian Emerson and Ann Loehr have spent years showing some of the country’s top companies how to develop their most promising employees. Now in this helpful manual they guide managers through every step of the coaching process, from problem solving to developing accountability. Readers will discover: the top 10 tips every manager should know before he starts to coach • how to handle difficult conversations, conflicting priorities, and problem team members • how to hold follow-up meetings after goals and priorities have been set • sample questions they can adapt to various situations • examples of common problems and how they can use coaching to address them. Clear, practical and straightforward, this is an invaluable tool that will help all leaders coach employees, colleagues, and themselves to excellence.

Anytime Coaching

Author: Teresa Wedding Kloster
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
ISBN: 1567264816
Size: 46.69 MB
Format: PDF
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Transform Your Workplace with Anytime Coaching The Practical Leader series offers a roadmap for individuals striving to achieve leadership effectiveness within the context of today's complex world. Each book explores a different essential element of successful leadership, providing readers with insightful, real-world perspectives, as well as practical tools and techniques, to help them maximize their potential—-personally and professionally. Real-life stories, practical tips and techniques, and the Anytime Coaching model equip managers with a set of coaching tools they can use immediately to transform the way they work with employees and colleagues. This second edition describes how recent findings in neuroscience support the effectiveness of Anytime Coaching practices. You will also discover how the practice of mindfulness can enhance your ability to observe yourself and others. Practical tools and exercises to help you be more present, aware, and focused in day-to-day interactions are included. Whether you lead a cross-functional team on a short-term project or formally manage large groups of people on a daily basis, Anytime Coaching will help you improve performance and achieve results.

The Leader S Guide To Managing People

Author: Mike Brent
Publisher: Pearson UK
ISBN: 0273780360
Size: 79.27 MB
Format: PDF
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'A very valuable resource for busy leaders to dip in and out of as time allows.' - Dr Mark Pegg, Chief Executive, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education 'Clear and concise with great anecdotes and oozing with experience.' -Dr K. D. Akabusi, MBE, MA, FPSA, Executive Director, The Akabusi Company Coaching, motivating, team building and influencing are all essential tools for getting the most out of the people around you. Commonly described as ‘soft skills’, there’s nothing soft about the impact they will have on your business performance. This book is your toolkit for managing yourself, facilitating team performance and surviving and thriving in times of change. Step up your management skills now to get the business results you need.

Understanding And Interpreting Company Accounts

Author: Stephen Bloomfield
Publisher: Robinson
ISBN: 1472136284
Size: 31.59 MB
Format: PDF
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Understanding and Interpreting Accounts is designed for those with no formal training in accounting who need to know what company accounts can reveal. Using non-technical terms to explain the concepts, it identifies the links between individual parts of the accounts in order to facilitate the analysis and prediction of company performance. The reader will rapidly gain sufficient understanding of the information held in the accounts for the purposes of commercial credit analysis, investment planning, business forecasting, managing a business, and many other similar activities. It is the product of many years' experience in teaching the interpretation of accounts to students on MBA courses with no previous background in accounting. Its simple but thorough approach will be of value to anyone - student, professional, manager or investor -- who needs a basic introduction to analysing accounts and the process of mining them for practical information.