Common Laboratory Tests Used By Tcm Practitioners

Author: Christina Captain
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857011642
Size: 30.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners need to have an understanding of Western medical testing to recognize when laboratory tests are required and to interpret test results that are brought to them by patients. This book is an essential reference for the TCM classroom and clinic that teaches how to use and understand conventional lab testing in the treatment and referral of patients. Focusing on symptoms that commonly present in TCM practices, the book groups the lab tests by diseases or systems. Within each chapter are TCM case studies and perspectives, as well as multiple choice quizzes that test the reader's knowledge. Co-written by a doctor of Western medicine and an acupuncture physician, the book aims to familiarize TCM practitioners with the terminology and methodology of lab tests, bridging the gap between Eastern and Western schools of medicine and promoting an integrative approach to improve the overall care of the patient.

Western Physical Exam Skills

Author: Bruce H. Robinson (M.D.)
ISBN: 9781891845482
Size: 66.38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Designed specifically for the needs of acupuncturists. Within each chapter of the book are not only basics of examination techniques, but problem-based case studies with questions, quizzes and review exercises -- from the publisher's review.

Hematology In Traditional Chinese Medicine Cardiology

Author: Anika Niambi Al-Shura
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0128006420
Size: 16.46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Hematology in Traditional Chinese Medicine Cardiology instructs readers on the blood, complement and immune system from the western and Chinese medicine perspectives. The book focuses on the cardiovascular issues concerning blood and the immune system, provides laboratory values concerning blood and the cardiovascular system, and covers cardiovascular diseases from the Chinese medicine and western medicine perspectives. It compares the eight principles in traditional Chinese medicine with basic science perspectives in western medicine, analyzes laboratory blood testing for heart diseases, and discusses the use of blood results for diagnosing and monitoring. Balances basic theories in Chinese medicine with basic medical sciences on blood, immune system and cardiovascular diseases Provides laboratory tests and values necessary for the monitoring of blood quality, and other tests for monitoring cardiovascular diseases in integrative Chinese medicine Prepares the practitioner to sit for the Niambi Wellness Integrative anatomy and patho-physiology in cardiology final online exam

Methodologies For Effectively Assessing Complementary And Alternative Medicine Cam

Author: Peter W. McCarthy, BSc, PhD
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857011979
Size: 27.93 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Finding the right criteria to use when judging Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is essential if it is to stand up to criticism from those concerned about the importance of evidence-based medicine. This edited volume highlights how CAM requires different research tools and techniques from conventional medicine, and examines effective methodologies for accurately assessing CAM. Addressing a problem which is often cited as the reason for a failure to appreciate the potential in CAM approaches to patient care, experts from a wide array of CAM modalities suggest the most effective research methodology for each particular therapy and illustrate how a lack of adherence to that methodology produces a less effective assessment. Disciplines covered include Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, qigong and yoga. Providing direction in research and the best criteria to appropriately assess each discipline, this book highlights and responds to the issues underlying research in CAM. It will be of interest to anyone involved in CAM research, in addition to CAM practitioners and students, western medical practitioners looking to include CAM in their treatments, and anyone studying research design and methodology.

An Acupuncturist S Guide To Medical Red Flags Referrals

Author: David A. Anzaldua
Publisher: Blue Poppy Press
ISBN: 9781891845543
Size: 24.60 MB
Format: PDF
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Finally, a short and easy-to-follow book that gives practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine all the information they need to notice, understand, and refer their patients correctly when facing potentially dangerous signs and symptoms. * Introductory material gives you an outline of how to actually do a correct patient referral and how to follow up for your own and your patient's medical and legal protection. * In just 220 pages Dr. Anzaldua presents all the most common red flag signs and symptoms that we may see in an acupuncture clinic. He also tells us what level of referral may be necessary for each red flag case. * Every red flag has a real life case study, helping readers to understand the process of identifying red flag cases and making correct referrals. * The easy-to-follow design and thorough index lets you find what you are looking for quickly. * Questions at the end of every chapter allow students and life-long learners to review what you have learned as you go. This book belongs on every practitioner's shelf . . . it could save somebody's life!

Increasing Ivf Success With Acupuncture

Author: Nick Dalton-Brewer
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 0857011650
Size: 20.89 MB
Format: PDF
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This practical book provides need-to-know information vital for acupuncturists to treat patients with fertility problems. Nick Dalton-Brewer details the causes of fertility issues, including the impact of lifestyle and diet, and explains the scientific basis for the different methods of treatment. Integrating Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies and acupuncture, he presents his own cutting-edge research on the successful use of these therapies to improve fertility and pregnancy rates and describes a method for integrated diagnosis and treatment. This book will give TCM practitioners direct access to the vital specialist knowledge and technical information needed to treat the increasing numbers of patients with fertility problems effectively. It will also be of interest to doctors of Western medicine concerned about the efficacy of recommending acupuncture treatments as adjuncts to ART.

What To Order When

Author: Ronald L. Eisenberg
ISBN: 9780781721943
Size: 19.65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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he updated Second Edition of this best selling pocket guide is indispensable for everyone who must decide which imaging study to order in a patient workup. Written by top radiologists, What to Order When recommends the most efficient, cost-effective tests for 300 clinical problems. The eminent contributors include Charles Putman, Donald Resnick, Edward Sickles, Burton Drayer, N. Reed Dunnick, and Peter Callen. Organised by anatomic site for quick reference, the book addresses two common clinical situations: symptoms and signs that can't be narrowed down to a single working diagnosis...and clinical diagnoses that need to be confirmed, refined, or rejected by imaging procedures. For the former, the authors list differential diagnoses; for the latter, they outline typical signs, symptoms, and predisposing factors. Key information that influences the choice of imaging studies is presented in easy-to-scan outline format. Appendices summarise the basics of newer imaging modalities and the relative costs of individual procedures

The Active Points Test

Author: Stefano Marcelli
Publisher: Singing Dragon
ISBN: 085701207X
Size: 42.80 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The Active Points Test is a clinical instrument for identifying and selecting the points on the skin that are most effective for treatment. These points may be close to the seat of the disease, for example on the shoulder for periarthritis, or far away, for example on the ear or head for stomach pain or a cough. Drawing on principles from TCM and Western medicine, Dr Stefano Marcelli sets out the theory of the approach and offers detailed guidance on how to carry out the test and how to interpret the results, as well as explaining how the test can be used in different therapies. The test is based on the discovery that a patient experiencing an ongoing symptom can be made aware of the capacity of a few points on the skin to treat his or her discomfort. The test involves stimulating the skin to the appropriate degree whilst asking the patient to identify whether there is any change in the symptom he or she is suffering, and can be used to treat a wide range of symptoms, from articular pain to migraine, tachycardia, asthenia and depression. Published for the first time in 1995, this substantially updated edition contains the most recent supporting evidence and many new explanatory diagrams and photographs. Providing a comprehensive and effective system for point selection, this is essential reading for practitioners and students of acupuncture and related reflex and manual therapies, including massage, tuina, Shiatsu and Rolfing.

Western Herbs According To Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Thomas Avery Garran
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1594777411
Size: 15.57 MB
Format: PDF
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The first book to exclusively use Chinese medical theories and terminology to guide practitioners of Chinese medicine in the use of Western herbs • Written entirely according to the theory, diagnosis, and treatment paradigm of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) • Explains how to combine and modify the standard TCM formulas to non-Chinese herbs suitable for Western practitioners • Includes 58 monographs of common Western healing herbs, detailing how each plant is used clinically The ever-growing number of Chinese medicine practitioners in the West has brought about an amalgamation of many styles of Chinese medicine and various other forms of medicine from around the world. This book addresses the increasing demand for knowledge of how to integrate plants from outside the standard Chinese materia medica into the fold of Chinese medical practices in the West. It is the first in-depth guide to using Western herbs exclusively according to the theories, diagnoses, and treatments of traditional Chinese medicine that harmonizes the unique terminology and theories of TCM with other botanical medicines. The book contains 58 monographs, illustrated with full-color photographs, of herbs commonly used by Western herbalists. Each herb is grouped by the basic categorization for medicinals in Chinese medicine, such as Herbs that Resolve the Exterior and Herbs that Regulate Blood. The monographs detail the energetics, function and indication, channels entered, dosage and preparation, and contraindications of each plant. The author also explains how to use the herbs to modify standard formulas used in everyday Chinese herbal medicine, based on his own clinical experience. An appendix of Western Analogs for Chinese Herbs further highlights 40 Chinese medicinals that have related species growing in the West.

Cancer Management With Chinese Medicine Prevention And Complementary Treatments Revised Edition

Author: Yu Rencun
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9813203900
Size: 57.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Significant advances made by Western medicine in the treatment of cancer are well-documented, but there has been much less written in English on complementary holistic treatment with Chinese medical methods that manage its symptoms and ameliorate the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This book explains the complementary approach using cases from the medical files of Professor Rencun Yu, who was trained in Western medical oncology but also practices Chinese medicine. In addition, introductory chapters explain the basic principles of Chinese medicine, while other chapters cover the prevention of cancers through appropriate nutrition and living habits. The book should command the attention of medical professionals as well as the layperson interested in preventing and understanding the illness. The book has been well received by the general public and healthcare professionals, and in this revised edition we have added coverage of more forms of cancer, and information on herbs used in cancer therapy has also been expanded. There are few books in English that so skilfully provides an introduction to Chinese medical principles for the general reader, then leads the reader to understand cancer management with Chinese medicine. The book is rich in both principles and details of clinical studies of the important complementary role played by Chinese medicine in Western treatments for cancer. In the latest edition of this popular text, new sections have been added on prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, lymphoma and leukaemia, completing the list of the most common cancers encountered today that are treatable with Chinese medicine. Contents: Introduction: The TCM Approach to Cancer Management (Hong Hai)Principles of Diagnosis and Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hong Hai)Herbs and Prescriptions for Therapy (Hong Hai)Cancer Prevention and Treatment Using TCM (Yu Rencun)Major Forms of Cancer and Case Studies (I) (Yu Rencun)Major Forms of Cancer (II) (Yu Rencun)Diet, Exercise and Health Cultivation (Hong Hai & Yu Rencun) Readership: (i) Medical professionals, both Western medical doctors and TCM practitioners, particularly those practicing in Australia, Europe and America and (ii) the lay reader who either wants general knowledge on how to prevent cancer or wishes to understand how TCM can help a friend, relative or loved one who suffers from the disease. (iii) Also, libraries of TCM professional associations and teaching institutes. Keywords: Cancer;Chinese MedicineReview: Review of the First Edition: "The book gives a breath of fresh air to an ocean of defensive summaries about TCM and its oncological practice. Geared towards medical professionals and their patients and relatives, it does an excellent job of presenting concepts in an easy-to-understand manner ... Overall, it is a great presentation for those interested in having an introduction to Chinese medicine as well as reading up on some common cases and treatments used for various types of cancers. The book is definitely a useful reference for TCM practitioners and researchers but also appeals to a wide readership, particularly Western medical practitioners interested in the benefits of TCM and its methods." American Journal of Chinese Medicine 0