Copyright Patent Trademark And Related State Doctrines

Author: Paul Goldstein
Publisher: Foundation Press
ISBN: 9781634598941
Size: 19.71 MB
Format: PDF
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The 8th Edition of Goldstein & Reese, Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Related State Doctrines brings the coverage of all these fields up to date with new principal cases and notes. Among the changes are: New note materials on the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 Trademark: Added note on how to evaluate the distinctiveness of nonverbal marks Updated discussion of Pro-Football v. Blackhorse and the Federal Circuit's en banc decision that the bar on registering disparaging marks is unconstitutional Updated case law on dilution Added note on the Ninth Circuit's use of the Rogers v. Grimaldi test in trademark claims involving expressive works Updated case law on likelihood of confusion Updated case law on trademark infringement and online search results Patent: Added note on new Supreme Court case on the definiteness requirement Added substantial new note material on new Supreme Court cases on inducement liability Added substantial new note material on new Supreme Court cases on awards of attorney's fees and enhanced damages Updated discussion of Brulotte v. Thys to reflect Supreme Court adherence to the decision Added discussion of new Supreme Court case on appellate review of claim construction Copyright: Added new background on registration process Added new principal case-UMG v. Augusto-and notes, including Kirtsaeng, on distribution right Added ABC v. Aereo as principal case Added Bill Graham Archives v. Dorling Kindersley as principal case, along with new note material on the expansion of transformative use Software Protection: Completely revamped section on patent protection for software-related inventions, centering on the Supreme Court's Alice decision and including the USPTO's 2014 Interim Guidelines on Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Industrial Design: Added Apple v. Samsung as principal case on both design patent and trade dress protection

Crop Breeding And Biotechnology

Author: Chander Parkash Malik
Publisher: Pointer Publishers
ISBN: 9788171325900
Size: 26.63 MB
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Biotechnology has revolutionized the concepts in agriculture, food, industrial feed stocks and health care in the past three decades. It has furnished techniques to enhance agricultural productivity, raise value added products and health care systems and has ensured better environments. Rapid advances in diverse areas of biotechnology have ushered tremendous new tools to affect change in agriculture, medicine and cell biology. The present volume entitled Crop Breeding and Biotechnology furnishes information on recent advances in Biotechnology. Written by leading experts it offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on selected topics, most sought after by researchers and students at the graduate and postgraduate level. Each chapter discusses the current status. The strength of this volume is lavishly used images, and extensive literature citation in each chapter. Certain to become the standard reference for biotechnologists, molecular biologists, breeders, applied biologists, a must for teachers and students engaged in teaching and research in plant physiology, plant breeding, crop improvement and other aspects of plant sciences, the book is the definitive source for those who are keen to remain updated with the recent advances in biotechnology pertinent to crop breeding.

Prosecution Complex

Author: Daniel S. Medwed
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814764355
Size: 17.84 MB
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American prosecutors are asked to play two roles within the criminal justice system: they are supposed to be ministers of justice whose only goals are to ensure fair trials, and they are also advocates of the government whose success rates are measured by how many convictions they get. Because of this second role, sometimes prosecutors suppress evidence in order to establish a defendant's guilt and safeguard that conviction over time. In this book the author shows how prosecutors are told to lock up criminals and protect the rights of defendants. This double role creates an institutional "prosecution complex" that animates how district attorneys' offices treat potentially innocent defendants at all stages of the process, and that can cause prosecutors to aid in the conviction of the innocent. Ultimately, this book shows how, while most prosecutors aim to do justice, only some hit that target consistently. -- From publisher's website.

Selected Intellectual Property And Unfair Competition Statutes Regulations And Treaties

Author: Roger Schechter
Publisher: West Academic Publishing
ISBN: 9781634598811
Size: 72.12 MB
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The 2015 edition of this collection of primary source materials in intellectual property law has been streamlined to allow for more effective classroom use as a supplemental resource, through the elimination of certain infrequently used materials. The revamped collection retains a wide range of IP and related statutes, such as the Economic Espionage Act and criminal provisions relating to counterfeiting, all thoroughly updated to include the most recent amendments. It also contains numerous international agreements dealing with intellectual property law, including the Hague Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs and the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, which are new to this edition. The text of various model statutes and Restatement provisions commonly referenced in IP cases are also provided, making this collection the ideal companion to any casebook in both survey and specialized courses on intellectual property.


Author: Robert A. Gorman
Publisher: Lexis Law Publishing (Va)
Size: 78.94 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the last few years there has been an exponential growth in the attention paid to Copyright by the courts, Congress, owners of intellectual property & the public. The law of Copyright determines the extent of ownership rights in creative products such as those embodied in books, plays, theatrical & television films, recordings, computer software & other forms of expression. These creations of the mind have greatly increased in value in the United States & abroad, as the public seems to have an unlimited appetite for them. .