The Cisg

Author: Peter Huber
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 386653728X
Size: 77.80 MB
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"... there is a lack of a clear and simple exposition of the CISG for students and practitioners. That is the role of the current book, which it fills admirably. All of the issues that have been raised in the cases and the literature are considered, but without excessive detail. This is a book that will do much to make the CISG an easily understandable text for all users, student and pracitioner alike." Preface by Professor Eric E. Bergsten

The End Of Banking

Author: Jonathan McMillan
ISBN: 9783952438503
Size: 49.56 MB
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In this thought-provoking book, Jonathan McMillan dissects banking to reveal its inner workings. He cuts through the complexity of modern finance and explains how banking almost crashed our financial system. Banking is broken, and McMillan reveals why we can no longer fix it. The digital revolution turns out to be the game changer that calls for the end of banking. But McMillan refrains from merely pointing out flaws. Building on economic research and a rigorous analytical approach, he goes on to provide an innovative blueprint for a modern financial system. The End of Banking transforms our understanding of the financial system. It identifies the root cause of today's problems with banking and presents a solution that stands out against existing reform proposals.

Acquisitions By Emerging Multinational Corporations

Author: Johannes Distler
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3658191120
Size: 64.47 MB
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This thesis analyzes the motivation and performance of 403 acquisitions made by emerging multinational corporations (EMNCs) in Western Europe and North America between 1994 and 2013. The findings indicate that most EMNCs were motivated to acquire in order to obtain access to the upstream and downstream know-how of their target firms. In addition, the thesis' event study results demonstrate that EMNCs on average generated value for their shareholders with their acquisitions over short periods around acquisition announcement. This result is particularly significant since similar studies on buying firms from developed markets have frequently come to the conclusion that acquirers destroy shareholder value.

The Crowdfunding Revolution How To Raise Venture Capital Using Social Media

Author: Kevin Lawton
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071790462
Size: 12.80 MB
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THE GROUNDBREAKING NEW METHOD FOR RAISING VENTURE CAPITAL THROUGH SOCIAL NETWORKS “The declaration of independence for our industry!” —MAT DELLORSO, WealthForge Inc. “The Crowdfunding Revolution should be on the mandatory reading list for everybody active in the industry or for everyone who’s planning to be.” —CROWDFUND NEWS “Kevin Lawton and Dan Marom have done a great job. . . . A must-read for everybody entering the field of crowdfunding!”—GIJSBERT KOREN, Smarter Money “We recommend this book highly to anyone who is fascinated by this new methodology for funding projects and endeavors. . . . A wonderful read.” —BRIAN MEECE, RocketHub “Read this book if you want to catch the next wave!” —FRED BRYANT, WealthForge Inc. “A must-read for anyone interested in the early stage funding process.” —MANDAR KULKARNI, “The Crowdfunding Revolution offers fundraising inspiration for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.” —BUSINESS2COMMUNITY “The Crowdfunding Revolution offers fundraising inspiration for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.” —SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS YOUR POOL OF INVESTORS JUST INCREASED BY 2 BILLION . . . Since the day the first human being approached a prospective investor, the province of capital allocation has been controlled by a small and entrenched minority. All this has changed. Now, the power of the Internet—particularly social media—enables anyone to connect with more investors in less time than it used to take to connect with one. The investing pool is open, everyone is in—and The Crowdfunding Revolution shows how to get to the forefront of the new world of venture financing. This groundbreaking guide explains how the explosive growth of connectivity is obviating human-to-human networks and centralized planning of capital allocation—and describes how crowdfunding can be used to tap into a “collective intelligence” for far superior results. Providing a wealth of information that will make your crowdfunding efforts more efficient and productive, the book is organized into three thematic sections: THE ROAD HERE: A thorough overview of what crowdfunding is—and how and why this radical new approach is replacing traditional means of venture financing THE CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN: Proven methods for marketing to the crowd, setting clear objectives, building a crowdfunding team, and communicating in a way that inspires action THE ROAD AHEAD: The crowdfunding ecosystem, intellectual property issues, mining collective IQ, new investment models, and regulations More than 2 billion people globally are now active online—and that number is guaranteed to grow at an extraordinary rate. The Crowdfunding Revolution explains all the ins and outs of raising investment capital by using social media and new technologies to draw small sums of money from an almost countless number of sources. Organic. Transparent. Decentralized. This is crowdfunding. This is the future. Read The Crowdfunding Revolution and become the first expert in your crowd on this radical new approach poised to supplant age-old venture financing methods.

Dicey And Morris On The Conflict Of Laws

Author: A.V. Dicey
ISBN: 9780421751705
Size: 47.20 MB
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This text aims to be an essential work for every practitioner who deals with private international law, including contracts made or performed in other jurisdictions or with foreign parties, property situated overseas, disputes relating to torts committed abroad or committed by foreign parties, and personal and family matters involving people in other jurisdictions. Important legislation covered includes the Private International Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995 and the Arbitration Act 1996. It covers all recent developments in statute and case law, including rulings of the European Court of Justice. Chapters on jurisdiction, forum non conveniens arbitration, restitution and torts have been rewritten to take account of major changes in the law.

Religion In Cultural Imaginary

Author: Daria Pezzoli-Olgiati
ISBN: 9783848723041
Size: 30.28 MB
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The multivalent concept of the imaginary is utilized to capture the presence and diffusion of religious references, symbols, worldviews, and narratives in various media and social spheres, including politics, economics, art, and popular culture. Used to describe the reception and transformation of religious references through time and cultures, imaginary can be defined as a shared pool of mental images and material products, of ideas, symbols, values, and practices that sustain meaning-making processes and cohesion within a collective. Situated at the intersection of sociological, political-philosophical, and cultural studies approaches to religion, this interdisciplinary study offers an intense exchange between theoretical discussions of religion in cultural imaginaries and richly researched empirical analysis.

Cartesian Rationalism

Author: Zbigniew Drozdowicz
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 9783631661185
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Descartes gave the human intellect the central role in rationalism, his system therefore is a variant of intellectual rationalism. Other forms of rationalism had emerged in scholastic philosophy and the ancient philosophies of Plato and Aristotle. While Descartes had reservations with respect to all of them, he still adopted some of their elements: not even such a self-directed and critical philosopher as Descartes could have proceeded on the difficult journey towards truth without any baggage of tradition whatsoever. Those who treated this baggage as a useless burden and have attempted to pursue truth without carrying it, have only discovered things which had long been known.