Enterprise One To One

Author: Don Peppers
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0385500734
Size: 37.32 MB
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Enterprise One to One has taken its place alongside Don Peppers and Martha Rogers's The One to One Future as a marketing classic on how to sell more products to fewer customers through one-to-one marketing. In this brave new world, where microchip technology is making it possible for businesses to know their customers better than ever before, there is incredible opportunity to build unbreakable customer relationships. Peppers and Rogers explain the strategies needed to achieve killer competitive advantages in customer loyalty and unit margin. Among the things Enterprise One to One teaches are how to improve customer retention, not just incrementally but dramatically; how to increase your share of each customer's business over time; how to protect and increase your unit margin; and how to make the transition to the Interactive Age with today's new technologies. Enterprise One to One is the bible for successful marketing in today's competitive, high-tech world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Managing Customer Relationships

Author: Don Peppers
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0471656410
Size: 49.12 MB
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In today’s competitive marketplace, customer relationship management is critical to a company’s profitability and long-term success. To become more customer focused, skilled managers, IT professionals and marketing executives must understand how to build profitable relationships with each customer and to make managerial decisions every day designed to increase the value of a company by making managerial decisions that will grow the value of the customer base. The goal is to build long-term relationships with customers and generate increased customer loyalty and higher margins. In Managing Customer Relationships, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, credited with founding the customer-relationship revolution in 1993 when they invented the term "one-to-one marketing," provide the definitive overview of what it takes to keep customers coming back for years to come. Presenting a comprehensive framework for customer relationship management, Managing Customer Relationships provides CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, privacy officers , human resources managers, marketing executives, sales teams, distribution managers, professors, and students with a logical overview of the background, the methodology, and the particulars of managing customer relationships for competitive advantage. Here, renowned customer relationship management pioneers Peppers and Rogers incorporate many of the principles of individualized customer relationships that they are best known for, including a complete overview of the background and history of the subject, relationship theory, IDIC (Identify-Differentiate-Interact-Customize) methodology, metrics, data management, customer management, company organization, channel issues, and the store of the future. One of the first books designed to develop an understanding of the pedagogy of managing customer relationships, with an emphasis on customer strategies and building customer value, Managing Customer Relationships features: Pioneering theories and principles of individualized customer relationships An overview of relationship theory Contributions from such revolutionary leaders as Philip Kotler, Esther Dyson, Geoffrey Moore, and Seth Godin Guidelines for identifying customers and differentiating them by value and need Tips for using the tools of interactivity and customization to build learning relationships Coverage of the importance of privacy and customer feedback Advice for measuring the success of customer-based initiatives The future and evolution of retailing An appendix that examines the qualities needed in a firm’s customer relationship leaders, and that provides fundamental tools for embarking on a career in managing customer relationships or helping a company use customer value as the basis for executive decisions The techniques in Managing Customer Relationships can help any company sharpen its competitive advantage.

The One To One Manager

Author: Don Peppers
Publisher: Crown Business
ISBN: 0385500289
Size: 32.75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Learn from the pioneers of Customer Relationship Management. In The One to One Manager, visionary authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., go behind the scenes to report on the challenges and solutions discovered by managers leading 1 to 1 efforts at organizations such as Xerox, General Electric, Oracle, First Union, Hewlett-Packard, USAA, Levi Strauss, and British Airways. Filled with in-depth interviews with executives on the front lines of the 1 to 1 revolution, and based on more than two dozen case histories from companies around the world, The One to One Manager examines the actual day-to-day issues involved in setting up and running 1 to 1 initiatives. The One to One Manager introduces readers to the groundbreakers, the pathfinders, and the explorers of a vast and rapidly expanding new universe of customer-focused business strategies. Among the fascinating pioneers profiled in this book, you will meet: General Robert McDermott, the visionary leader who transformed USAA from an insurance firm mired in paperwork into an IT-savvy financial institution dedicated to meeting customer needs at warp speed. Richard Vague, the CEO of First USA, champion of the "trusted agent" model for building lifelong customer relationships. Nina Smith, a Xerox marketing executive blazing a trail through a forest of competing sales and distribution channels. Royal Bank of Canada's Anne Lockie, who melds her knowledge of technology with a keen awareness of human nature to create 1 to 1 relationships with nine million customers. Bruce Varner, a Texas fire chief who trains his fire fighters to treat local citizens as valued customers. These early adopters, scouts, and risk takers offer managers and executives invaluable lessons in their efforts to map a new business universe in which organizations and enterprises organize around customer needs. It is a universe in which companies compete at extreme velocity, racing to devise strategies that will lock in customer loyalty, raise profits, and avoid the trap of commoditization. A virtual roadmap to the business world of the future, The One to One Manager is the book executives and managers the world over have been waiting for. From the Hardcover edition.

Black Enterprise

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BLACK ENTERPRISE is the ultimate source for wealth creation for African American professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Every month, BLACK ENTERPRISE delivers timely, useful information on careers, small business and personal finance.

Electronic Services Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

Author: Management Association, Information Resources
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 1615209689
Size: 73.75 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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With the increasing reliance on digital means to transact goods that are retail and communication based, e-services continue to develop as key applications for business, finance, industry and innovation.Electronic Services: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools and Applications is an all-inclusive research collection covering the latest studies on the consumption, delivery and availability of e-services. This multi-volume book contains over 100 articles, making it an essential reference for the evolving e-services discipline.

The Advertising Age Encyclopedia Of Advertising

Author: John McDonough
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135949131
Size: 15.37 MB
Format: PDF
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For a full list of entries and contributors, a generous selection of sample entries, and more, visit the The "Advertising Age" Encyclopedia of Advertising website. Featuring nearly 600 extensively illustrated entries, The Advertising Age Encyclopedia of Advertising provides detailed historic surveys of the world's leading agencies and major advertisers, as well as brand and market histories; it also profiles the influential men and women in advertising, overviews advertising in the major countries of the world, covers important issues affecting the field, and discusses the key aspects of methodology, practice, strategy, and theory. Also includes a color insert.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Crm

Author: Laura Brown
Publisher: Que Publishing
ISBN: 9780789728821
Size: 71.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Annotation "Special Edition Using Microsoft CRM" shows sales, service, and business development specialists how to manage small businesses with sophisticated technology. Based on the author's real-world experience, this book provides the expert advice that MS CRM users need.

Managing It Outsourcing Second Edition

Author: Erik Beulen
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113685195X
Size: 44.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Outsourcing is a major international phenomenon in business today. The areas of Information Technology and Management represent a unique case for outsourcing, both in terms of benefits and potential interorganizational problems. This completely revised edition presents the latest theory, research and practice in this fast changing field. With a range of case studies from outsourcing companies across the globe, the book offers a strong grounding in real-world industrial experience and keeps abreast of the most important developments in the field. The book provides expanded coverage of issues such as offshoring, multi-sourcing, business process outsourcing and the spread of offshoring to countries such as China and Russia. Uniquely, this book focuses on both sides of the outsourcing relationship, providing a balanced exploration of the ways in which these partnerships can be managed successfully. Accessible and cutting-edge, the second edition of Managing IT Outsourcing provides an in-depth, practical perspective on this important and far-reaching challenge in information management. It is an ideal text for students, academics and practitioners alike.

Information Technology Enabled Global Customer Service

Author: Tapio Reponen
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 9781591400486
Size: 69.94 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Recently there has been increased demand for combining locally customized services to the economies of the scale of worldwide operations. In this environment competitiveness calls for integrating the potential of information technology to well functioning global logistics. Information Technology Enabled Global Customer Service combines theoretical consideration and practical experiences in implementing new customer service models.

Marketing Scheme On Peer To Peer P2p Communication Software Anticipating 4g

Author: Steffen Dubiel
Publisher: diplom.de
ISBN: 383248387X
Size: 52.75 MB
Format: PDF
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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This diploma thesis paper is, after contemplating the current state of ITC / telco's shift towards commoditisation and challenges in facing the upcoming overall mobile / wireless development (beyond 3G, B3G, / 4G) aimed at prosperously resolving a marketing proposition on a quite ingenious Siemens mobile P2P communication solution, named Siemens [email protected] PocketSERVent, by virtue of the marketers' generic means, the Product-marketing mix dedicated to fundamental questions of product, price, promotion, place (P4). Strategic marketing and ITC business as well as down-to-earth / operational themes will get propelled. The chief emphasis is put on surging virtualisation related to product / svce / property and, as usually less exposed, the shift towards intangible values, foremost customer relationship and momentum of the hi-tech. brand (perception). The intend is to supply a big yet detailed P2P, 3G / B3G and wireless picture to the marketer (even accountant) as well as applied marketing / pricing issues to the S/W developer or mobile techn. expert. After a brief overview (ch. 1), chapter 2 is about introducing the main points rel. peer-to-peer (P2P) it's rather social impacts, technological mindset and ongoing research, as well as contemporary benefits. The intention is to free both the subject and evaluation from hype or byzantine aspects; to present P2P's potential as well as existent contributions to corporations aware of bus. value from IT, parelleling the fashion well-known IT players dominate e.g. Web services. Chapter 3 prepares a general understanding of present-day and forthcoming ITC leitmotivs, more precisely, for why ITC, esp. 3G innovations, have been disappointing. Analysing soft product and service (svce / svc.) innovations is upon hard value; at the dawn of this decade's decentralisation / mobilisation and virtualisation following results and side effects of globalisation the tractate's author is going to constantly question whether proven and established marketing practice can answer the train of virtual i.e. through-and-through digital products, value chains, organisations or business and / or value creation communities. Nevertheless ch. 3's focal point is the wireless or mobile wireless, resp., upgrowth (convergence rel. mobile IP, P2P, B3G / 4G). At beginning of the new millennium telcos are forced to get out of the industrial age's proprietary hardware and services. Less because of customer's [...]