Ethical Issues In Health Care On The Frontiers Of The Twenty First Century

Author: Stephen Wear
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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of UB’s medical school, that UB developed its School of Arts and Sciences, and thus, assumed its place among the other institutions of higher education. Had Fillmore lived throughout UB’s first seventy years, he would probably have been elated by the success of his university, and he should have been satisfied and pleased that UB remained intrinsically bonded to its community while at the same time engrafting the values and standards important to higher education’s mission in the region. UB and its medical school have undergone many challenging transitions since 1846. Included among them were: (1) the completion of an academic campus in the far northeast comer of the City of Buffalo while leaving its medical, dental and law schools firmly situated in the core of downtown Buffalo; (2) the eventual relocation, after the second world war, of the law school to the newer campus in Amherst, and the medical and dental school to the original academic campus: and (3) the merger with the State University of New York System in 1962. Despite these significant transitions, any one of which could have changed the intrinsic integrity of UB and disrupted the bonding between community and university, that did not happen. To this day, the ties between community and academe persist. Fillmore and White should celebrate their success and important contribution to Buffalo and Western New York.

Bioethics For Beginners

Author: Glenn McGee
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118254635
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How far is too far? 60 cases illustrating modern bioethical dilemmas Bioethics for Beginners maps the giant dilemmas posed by new technologies and medical choices, using 60 cases taken from our headlines, and from the worlds of medicine and science. This eminently readable book takes it one case at a time, shedding light on the social, economic and legal side of 21st century medicine while giving the reader an informed basis on which to answer personal, practical questions. Unlocking the debate behind the headlines, this book combines clear thinking with the very latest in science and medicine, enabling readers to decide for themselves exactly what the scientific future should hold.

Institutional Integrity In Health Care

Author: Ana Smith Iltis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401701539
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This volume addresses the nature of health care organizational ethics, including such issues as corporate fraud and institutional moral integrity, and covers the broad range of issues that must be addressed for a coherent discussion of organizational moral responsibility. Its unique coverage makes it of interest to researchers, students and professionals working in the fields of bioethics, health care administration and management, organizational science, and business ethics.

The Ethics Of Managed Care Professional Integrity And Patient Rights

Author: W.B. Bondeson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401704139
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This collection provides a philosophical and historical analysis of the development and current situation of managed care. It discusses the relationship between physician professionalism and patient rights to affordable, high quality care. Its special feature is its depth of analysis as the philosophical, social, and economic issues of managed care are developed. It will be of interest to educated readers in their role as patients and to all levels of medical and health care professionals.

Person Society And Value

Author: Paulina Taboada
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401725705
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Besides offering a critical analysis of the WHO definition and a review of both ancient and contemporary conceptions of health, the cooperative effort of physicians and philosophers presented in this book works through the challenges which any definition of health faces, if it is to be both truly personalist, and at the same time operational. The overall purpose of this book is to capture the essentials of human health and to propose the outlines for a personalist understanding of this concept, i.e., a conception that does justice to the personal nature of human beings by introducing dimensions that are essential to personal life and well-being, such as the realms of rationality, affectivity and freedom, the realms of meaning, values, morality, and spirituality, the realms of social and interpersonal relations.

Can Death Be A Harm To The Person Who Dies

Author: J. Li
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401598681
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lt is with great pleasure that I write this preface for Or Li's book, wh ich addresses the venerable and vexing issues surrounding the problem of whether death can be a harm to the person who dies. This problem is an ancient one which was raised long ago by the early Greek philosopher Epicurus, who notoriously argued that death is at no time a harm to its 'victim' because before death there is no harrn and after death there is no victim. Epicurus's conclusion is conspicuously at odds with our prereflective and in most cases our post-reflective-intuitions, and numerous strategies have therefore been proposed to refute or avoid the Epicurean conclusion that death cannot be an evil after all. How then are we to account for our intuition that death is not just an evil, but perhaps the worst evil: that may befall us? This is the key issue that Or Li addresses. Or Li's book explores various alternative approaches to the complex and difficult issues surrounding Epicurus's notorious argument and provides a defence ofthe intuitively plausible conclusion that death can indeed be a harm to the person who dies. This challenge to Epicurus's claim that death is never a harm to the person who dies is developed by way of a detailed exploration of the issues raised not only by Epicurus, but also by his many successors, who have responded variously to the challenging issues which Epicurus raised.

Dual Use Life Science Research And Biosecurity In The 21st Century Social Technical Policy And Ethical Challenges

Author: Jonathan E. Suk
Publisher: Frontiers Media SA
ISBN: 2889195686
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In September 2011, scientists announced new experimental findings that would not only threaten the conduct and publication of influenza research, but would have significant policy and intelligence implications. The findings presented a modified variant of the H5N1 avian influenza virus (hereafter referred to as the H5N1 virus) that was transmissible via aerosol between ferrets. These results suggested a worrisome possibility: the existence of a new airborne and highly lethal H5N1 virus that could cause a deadly global pandemic. In response, a series of international discussions on the nature of dual-use life science arose. These discussions addressed the complex social, technical, political, security, and ethical issues related to dual-use research. This Research Topic will be devoted to contributions that explore this matrix of issues from a variety of case study and international perspectives.

Encyclopedia Of Science Technology And Ethics

Author: Carl Mitcham
Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library
ISBN: 9780028658339
Size: 66.73 MB
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This Encyclopedia considers both the professional ethics of science and technology, and the ethical and political issues raised by science and technology in an increasingly complex and global society. This broad coverage supports the numerous courses in applied and professional ethics and policy related to the practice of science and technology in education.

Health Care Ethics

Author: Eileen E. Morrison
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
ISBN: 076374526X
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This thorough revision of health care ethics brings the reader up to date on the most important issues in biomedical ethics today.