F Rderung Der Motivation Bei Lernst Rungen

Author: Jürgen Wilbert
Publisher: Kohlhammer Verlag
ISBN: 9783170211001
Size: 21.69 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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English summary: The book is concerned with furthering pupils' motivation, especially in the case of pupils with learning disorders. Based on theoretical models and empirical findings, an in depth comprehension of the lack of motivation at school is achieved and the connection between motivation and learning is explained. Building thereon various methods for furthering motivation at school are offered. The focus lies on the motivation of pupils with continuous bad grades and learning disorders. German description: Das Buch beschaftigt sich mit dem Thema der Motivationsforderung vor allem bei Schulern mit Lernschwachen. Ausgehend von theoretischen Modellen und empirischen Befunden wird ein vertieftes Verstandnis fehlender Motivation im schulischen Kontext ermoglicht und der Zusammenhang zwischen Motivation und Lernen beleuchtet. Darauf aufbauend werden verschiedene Ansatze der Forderung von Motivation im Schulkontext vorgestellt. Der Schwerpunkt liegt auf der besonderen motivationalen Problemlage von Schulerinnen und Schulern mit dauerhaften schlechten Schulleistungen und Lernstorungen. Das Buch richtet sich an Lehrkrafte aller Schulformen, an Schulpsychologen und an Lehramtsstudierende.

Psychologische F Rder Und Interventionsprogramme F R Das Kindes Und Jugendalter

Author: Arnold Lohaus
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540883835
Size: 43.93 MB
Format: PDF
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Der Markt der Trainings- und Förderprogramme im Kindes- und Jugendbereich ist unübersichtlich. Dieses Buch ist eine unverzichtbare Entscheidungshilfe. Die Herausgeber haben ein Team aus Top-Experten zusammengebracht, das die wichtigsten Verfahren in allen Problembereichen ausgewählt und beschrieben hat. Alle Programme werden nach einem einheitlichem Schema knapp und präzise vorgestellt: Auf einen kurzen Steckbrief folgen die Beschreibung der Zielgruppe, der Rahmenbedingungen, des Konzepts, des Ablaufs sowie Materialien und Befunde zur Wirksamkeit.

National Geographic Readers Meerkats

Author: Laura Marsh
Publisher: National Geographic Society
ISBN: 1426313845
Size: 19.29 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Welcome to the wacky world of meerkats, where groups of these furry friends team up to survive in the wild. Each meerkat has a job: babysitting the kids, guarding the troops, or foraging for food. Kids will be mesmerized by wonderful photographs and inviting text. This level 1 reader is written in easy-to-grasp text that will help kids learn about these cute critters and the power of teamwork!

Moral Development And Reality

Author: John C. Gibbs
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 9780761923893
Size: 14.91 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In Moral Development and Reality the author explores moral development through the theories of Kohlberg and Hoffman. The book should find a place not only as classroom reading, but also as a contribution to broader dialogues in the academic community on the question and nature of moral development and behaviour.

Fachenglisch Fur Gesundheitsberufe Physiotherapie Ergotherapie Logopadie

Author: Sandra Schiller
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 364217292X
Size: 31.96 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Das Fachenglisch-Lehrbuch für drei therapeutische Berufsgruppen vermittelt den im Berufsalltag relevanten Wortschatz, das Fachvokabular zu Krankheitsbildern sowie Informationen über das Gesundheitssystem in den angelsächsischen Ländern. Im Mittelpunkt steht das Training der aktiven Sprachkompetenz im Berufsalltag – für eine leichtere Kommunikation mit englischsprachigen Kollegen, ein besseres Verständnis englischsprachiger Fachliteratur und mehr Sicherheit bei Präsentationen. Kostenlose Internet-Downloads von Lesetexten und Übungen.

Attachment To Pets

Author: Henri Julius
Publisher: Hogrefe Publishing
ISBN: 1613344422
Size: 63.63 MB
Format: PDF
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The biological and psychological basis of pet therapy / animal-assisted therapy and what this means for practice “A comprehensive, scientific foundation for human-animal therapy.” (Judith Solomon) In recent years, the ancient symbiosis between humans and their pets has entered a new phase, marked by the burgeoning clinical specialty of human-animal therapy. This approach uses the relationship between humans and their (mainly) mammalian pets to support the growth of emotion regulation, social skills, and mental health in children, adolescents, and adults. But how are humans and animals able to develop close bonds at all? What makes it possible for animals to have a therapeutic effect on humans? And how can we best use this understanding in animal-assisted therapy? In this unique book, a team of expert biologists and psychologists integrate and combine sophisticated biological and psychological knowledge to answer these questions. Together they have created a comprehensive, scientific foundation for human-animal therapy, a foundation that will facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective new interventions.

Visible Learning

Author: John Hattie
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134024126
Size: 43.41 MB
Format: PDF
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This unique and ground-breaking book is the result of 15 years research and synthesises over 800 meta-analyses on the influences on achievement in school-aged students. It builds a story about the power of teachers, feedback, and a model of learning and understanding. The research involves many millions of students and represents the largest ever evidence based research into what actually works in schools to improve learning. Areas covered include the influence of the student, home, school, curricula, teacher, and teaching strategies. A model of teaching and learning is developed based on the notion of visible teaching and visible learning. A major message is that what works best for students is similar to what works best for teachers – an attention to setting challenging learning intentions, being clear about what success means, and an attention to learning strategies for developing conceptual understanding about what teachers and students know and understand. Although the current evidence based fad has turned into a debate about test scores, this book is about using evidence to build and defend a model of teaching and learning. A major contribution is a fascinating benchmark/dashboard for comparing many innovations in teaching and schools.

The Way Of Transformation

Author: Karlfried Graf Durckheim
ISBN: 9781596750142
Size: 71.42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The guiding theme of psychotherapist Karlfried Dürckheim's work is that one can become ?transparent to transcendence.” An early Western authority on Zen, he was one of the first to bring its methods to Europe. Incorporating Zen and depth psychology into his practice, Dürckheim was also one of the earliest transpersonal psychologists. His spiritual practice of combining Jung, Meister Eckhart, and Zazen proved to lead to moments of higher consciousness, which he described as ?privileged moments.” In The Way of Transformation, one of his most concise and profound works, Dürckheim shows that once readers scrape away personal barriers and free the divine spark within, these radiant, life-altering occasions can occur at any time. His meditative approach to daily activities turns simple tasks such as making tea, posting a letter, or washing dishes into moments of new awareness: everyday life as a spiritual practice.

The Death And Life Of The Great American School System

Author: Diane Ravitch
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465097995
Size: 58.39 MB
Format: PDF
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A passionate plea to preserve and renew public education, The Death and Life of the Great American School System is a radical change of heart from one of America’s best-known education experts. Diane Ravitch—former assistant secretary of education and a leader in the drive to create a national curriculum—examines her career in education reform and repudiates positions that she once staunchly advocated. Drawing on over forty years of research and experience, Ravitch critiques today’s most popular ideas for restructuring schools, including privatization, standardized testing, punitive accountability, and the feckless multiplication of charter schools. She shows conclusively why the business model is not an appropriate way to improve schools. Using examples from major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego, Ravitch makes the case that public education today is in peril. Ravitch includes clear prescriptions for improving America’s schools: leave decisions about schools to educators, not politicians or businessmen devise a truly national curriculum that sets out what children in every grade should be learning expect charter schools to educate the kids who need help the most, not to compete with public schools pay teachers a fair wage for their work, not “merit pay” based on deeply flawed and unreliable test scores encourage family involvement in education from an early age The Death and Life of the Great American School System is more than just an analysis of the state of play of the American education system. It is a must-read for any stakeholder in the future of American schooling.