Heat Kernels For Elliptic And Sub Elliptic Operators

Author: Ovidiu Calin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780817649951
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This monograph is a unified presentation of several theories of finding explicit formulas for heat kernels for both elliptic and sub-elliptic operators. These kernels are important in the theory of parabolic operators because they describe the distribution of heat on a given manifold as well as evolution phenomena and diffusion processes. Heat Kernels for Elliptic and Sub-elliptic Operators is an ideal reference for graduate students, researchers in pure and applied mathematics, and theoretical physicists interested in understanding different ways of approaching evolution operators.

Elliptic Operators Topology And Asymptotic Methods Second Edition

Author: John Roe
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780582325029
Size: 67.91 MB
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Ten years after publication of the popular first edition of this volume, the index theorem continues to stand as a central result of modern mathematics-one of the most important foci for the interaction of topology, geometry, and analysis. Retaining its concise presentation but offering streamlined analyses and expanded coverage of important examples and applications, Elliptic Operators, Topology, and Asymptotic Methods, Second Edition introduces the ideas surrounding the heat equation proof of the Atiyah-Singer index theorem. The author builds towards proof of the Lefschetz formula and the full index theorem with four chapters of geometry, five chapters of analysis, and four chapters of topology. The topics addressed include Hodge theory, Weyl's theorem on the distribution of the eigenvalues of the Laplacian, the asymptotic expansion for the heat kernel, and the index theorem for Dirac-type operators using Getzler's direct method. As a "dessert," the final two chapters offer discussion of Witten's analytic approach to the Morse inequalities and the L2-index theorem of Atiyah for Galois coverings. The text assumes some background in differential geometry and functional analysis. With the partial differential equation theory developed within the text and the exercises in each chapter, Elliptic Operators, Topology, and Asymptotic Methods becomes the ideal vehicle for self-study or coursework. Mathematicians, researchers, and physicists working with index theory or supersymmetry will find it a concise but wide-ranging introduction to this important and intriguing field.

Heat Kernels And Spectral Theory

Author: E. B. Davies
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521409971
Size: 72.13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Heat Kernels and Spectral Theory investigates the theory of second-order elliptic operators.

Semigroups Of Operators Theory And Applications

Author: A.V. Balakrishnan
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3034884176
Size: 20.87 MB
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These Proceedings comprise the bulk of the papers presented at the Inter national Conference on Semigroups of Opemtors: Theory and Contro~ held 14-18 December 1998, Newport Beach, California, U.S.A. The intent of the Conference was to highlight recent advances in the the ory of Semigroups of Operators which provides the abstract framework for the time-domain solutions of time-invariant boundary-value/initial-value problems of partial differential equations. There is of course a firewall between the ab stract theory and the applications and one of the Conference aims was to bring together both in the hope that it may be of value to both communities. In these days when all scientific activity is judged by its value on "dot com" it is not surprising that mathematical analysis that holds no promise of an immediate commercial product-line, or even a software tool-box, is not high in research priority. We are particularly pleased therefore that the National Science Foundation provided generous financial support without which this Conference would have been impossible to organize. Our special thanks to Dr. Kishan Baheti, Program Manager.

An Invitation To Hypoelliptic Operators And H Rmander S Vector Fields

Author: Marco Bramanti
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3319020870
Size: 31.33 MB
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​Hörmander's operators are an important class of linear elliptic-parabolic degenerate partial differential operators with smooth coefficients, which have been intensively studied since the late 1960s and are still an active field of research. This text provides the reader with a general overview of the field, with its motivations and problems, some of its fundamental results, and some recent lines of development.

Analysis Geometry And Topology Of Elliptic Operators

Author: Bernhelm Booss
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9812773606
Size: 74.61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Modern theory of elliptic operators, or simply elliptic theory, has been shaped by the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem created 40 years ago. Reviewing elliptic theory over a broad range, 32 leading scientists from 14 different countries present recent developments in topology; heat kernel techniques; spectral invariants and cutting and pasting; noncommutative geometry; and theoretical particle, string and membrane physics, and Hamiltonian dynamics. The first of its kind, this volume is ideally suited to graduate students and researchers interested in careful expositions of newly-evolved achievements and perspectives in elliptic theory. The contributions are based on lectures presented at a workshop acknowledging Krzysztof P Wojciechowski''s work in the theory of elliptic operators. Sample Chapter(s). Contents (42 KB). Contents: On the Mathematical Work of Krzysztof P Wojciechowski: Selected Aspects of the Mathematical Work of Krzysztof P Wojciechowski (M Lesch); Gluing Formulae of Spectral Invariants and Cauchy Data Spaces (J Park); Topological Theories: The Behavior of the Analytic Index under Nontrivial Embedding (D Bleecker); Critical Points of Polynomials in Three Complex Variables (L I Nicolaescu); Chern-Weil Forms Associated with Superconnections (S Paycha & S Scott); Heat Kernel Calculations and Surgery: Non-Laplace Type Operators on Manifolds with Boundary (I G Avramidi); Eta Invariants for Manifold with Boundary (X Dai); Heat Kernels of the Sub-Laplacian and the Laplacian on Nilpotent Lie Groups (K Furutani); Remarks on Nonlocal Trace Expansion Coefficients (G Grubb); An Anomaly Formula for L 2- Analytic Torsions on Manifolds with Boundary (X Ma & W Zhang); Conformal Anomalies via Canonical Traces (S Paycha & S Rosenberg); Noncommutative Geometry: An Analytic Approach to Spectral Flow in von Neumann Algebras (M-T Benameur et al.); Elliptic Operators on Infinite Graphs (J Dodziuk); A New Kind of Index Theorem (R G Douglas); A Note on Noncommutative Holomorphic and Harmonic Functions on the Unit Disk (S Klimek); Star Products and Central Extensions (J Mickelsson); An Elementary Proof of the Homotopy Equivalence between the Restricted General Linear Group and the Space of Fredholm Operators (T Wurzbacher); Theoretical Particle, String and Membrane Physics, and Hamiltonian Dynamics: T-Duality for Non-Free Circle Actions (U Bunke & T Schick); A New Spectral Cancellation in Quantum Gravity (G Esposito et al.); A Generalized Morse Index Theorem (C Zhu). Readership: Researchers in modern global analysis and particle physics.

Heat Kernels And Dirac Operators

Author: Nicole Berline
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540200628
Size: 53.35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This compact soft-cover edition presents simple proofs of the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem for Dirac operators on compact Riemannian manifolds and its generalizations. The book discusses the applications of linear elliptic operators in differential geometry, the equivariant index theorem, and provides a proof of Bismut's Local Family Index Theorem for Dirac operators.

Analysis Of Heat Equations On Domains Lms 31

Author: El-Maati Ouhabaz
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400826483
Size: 30.87 MB
Format: PDF
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This is the first comprehensive reference published on heat equations associated with non self-adjoint uniformly elliptic operators. The author provides introductory materials for those unfamiliar with the underlying mathematics and background needed to understand the properties of heat equations. He then treats Lp properties of solutions to a wide class of heat equations that have been developed over the last fifteen years. These primarily concern the interplay of heat equations in functional analysis, spectral theory and mathematical physics. This book addresses new developments and applications of Gaussian upper bounds to spectral theory. In particular, it shows how such bounds can be used in order to prove Lp estimates for heat, Schrödinger, and wave type equations. A significant part of the results have been proved during the last decade. The book will appeal to researchers in applied mathematics and functional analysis, and to graduate students who require an introductory text to sesquilinear form techniques, semigroups generated by second order elliptic operators in divergence form, heat kernel bounds, and their applications. It will also be of value to mathematical physicists. The author supplies readers with several references for the few standard results that are stated without proofs.

Elliptic Operators And Lie Groups

Author: Derek W. Robinson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Size: 24.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Elliptic operators arise naturally in several different mathematical settings, notably in the representation theory of Lie groups, the study of evolution equations, and the examination of Riemannian manifolds. This book develops the basic theory of elliptic operators on Lie groups and thereby extends the conventional theory of parabolic evolution equations to a natural noncommutative context. In order to achieve this goal, the author presents a synthesis of ideas from partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, functional analysis, and the theory of Lie groups. He begins by discussing the abstract theory of general operators with complex coefficients before concentrating on the central case of second-order operators with real coefficients. A full discussion of second-order subelliptic operators is also given. Prerequisites are a familiarity with basic semigroup theory, the elementary theory of Lie groups, and a firm grounding in functional analysis as might be gained from the first year of a graduate course.