How To Create An Online Store Using Woocommerce And Wordpress

Author: Riccardo Andronaco
ISBN: 9781520588131
Size: 31.77 MB
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2 Edition: New Guides on WooCommerce functionality.This book comes from my experience with Wordpress and continuous use of WooCommerce. Currently it is increasingly demand the ability to create a personal website able to sell products in simple and practical ways. This guide was born for this, namely to allow even those who are not expert coding, to sell their products, physical or digital, in a short time and totally free.In my personal website: I currently use WooCommerce and publish articles for those who want to give a sprint more to their creativity. The ebook in question takes precisely posts in this category and encloses them within a portable ebook always available.

Building E Commerce Solutions With Woocommerce

Author: Robbert Ravensbergen
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785889117
Size: 60.51 MB
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Transform your WordPress website into a fully-featured e-commerce store with the power of WooCommerce About This Book Offers do-it-yourself e-commerce solution using WordPress and WooCommerce Discover the new Onboarding wizard that makes complex processes user-friendly Manage your online store and expand its functions using plugins Who This Book Is For This book is suitable for everybody running their own WordPress website, such as small business owners and marketers. It has been written for users, not for programmers, who want to add e-commerce functionality to their existing WordPress website. The book will also appeal to Web design agencies working with WordPress and looking for ways to improve their services for clients working with WordPress. What You Will Learn Use WooCommerce settings to set up the behavior of the online store Get familiar with the downloadable and variable products Set up shipping and payment methods Use discount coupons for marketing purposes Choose the right WooCommerce theme for your online store Customize your website using the Storefront theme as a base Handle orders, payments, and emails on a daily basis with ease Work with WooCommerce reporting possibilities Expanding your online store with the functionalities offered by WooCommerce In Detail Building an online store is often considered to be a difficult, complex task. Using the combination of WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin, this is no longer the case. WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress and is being rapidly developed by WooThemes. It provides a strong e-commerce solution to set up your own online store in just a couple of hours. This easy and practical book will help you make the most of WooCommerce to be able to set up and run your online store yourself. Installing WooCommerce is an easy task, but this book will explain in detail all the possible settings. After that you'll be adding products, different payment methods, and shipping solutions to your store. You will then customize your store by adding themes to change the look and feel. Once your store is running, you'll learn how to use discount coupons, process your orders, look at reports, and even expand the functionality further with additional plugins. By the end of the book, you will learn everything you need to add a fully functional online store to you WordPress website and start running an online business. Style and approach This book is a practical, step-by-step guide that will help you manage your online store easily and efficiently, and expand its functions using the WooCommerce plug-in

Woocommerce Cookbook

Author: Patrick Rauland
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784398543
Size: 53.11 MB
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If you have ever built or managed a WordPress site and want to add e-commerce functionality into your site, WooCommerce and this book are perfect for you. Learning how to use WooCommerce through this series of recipes will give you a solid platform to add any future e-commerce needs.

Woocommerce User Manual For Beginners

Author: Michal Bradek
ISBN: 9781521982594
Size: 44.68 MB
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WooCommerce is a an e-commerce plugin (extension or add-on) for WordPress. Basically, it is an open-source platform offering the functionality of a full-fledged e-shop.The beauty of WooCommerce is in the possibility of connecting to any WordPress website or WordPress blog without having to use a special template. Example: A hairdresser writing a blog, taking photos of her hair styles while offering on the right side of her web site a few products.Our example is an e-shop with a few products. Thanks to the progress this industry has made so far, nowadays it is not a problem to sell 10 000 items.You may ask why should you read this book despite of plenty of guides offered by various web sites? It is because this book includes a full description of administration - a traditional user guide, tutorial for beginners.I will guide you from the installation over the complete configuration and insertion of products to a variety of tips to extend of your e-shop by additional plugins. The goal of the book is to help a novice build his or her own e-shop. What we offer is a comprehensive 101-page user guide for beginners, in which you will find answers to all essential questions enabling you to build your own e-shop.

Create Your Own Website Using Wordpress In A Weekend

Author: Alannah Moore
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1135944148
Size: 34.78 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Having a website built can be a complicated and expensive undertaking. For large businesses this is a necessary expense, but for the ever-increasing number of independents and small businesses, this can easily be handled by the intrepid amateur. In Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend, author Alannah Moore draws on her extensive experience to show how, in just a weekend, almost anyone can create a website in WordPress that looks professional and is entirely tailored to their needs and preferences. Through carefully structured step-by-step tutorials, the book takes the reader through every stage of the web design process. It is illustrated with fabulous examples, and features checklists and tips throughout, covering domain registration, planning, plugins, and choosing the right theme. This will cover the upcoming WP 2012 version.

Wordpress Web Application Development

Author: Rakhitha Nimesh Ratnayake
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1787124754
Size: 27.71 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Learn in easy stages how to rapidly build leading-edge web applications from scratch. About This Book Develop powerful web applications rapidly with WordPress Explore the significant features and improvements introduced in WordPress 4.7 by learning the numerous tips and techniques in this book. Unleash the power of REST API endpoints to make your interaction with websites new and innovative. Who This Book Is For This book is targeted at WordPress developers and designers who want to develop quality web applications within a limited time frame and maximize their profits. A prior knowledge of basic web development and design is assumed. What You Will Learn Develop extendable plugins with the use of WordPress features in core modules Develop pluggable modules to extend the core features of WordPress as independent modules Manage permissions for a wide range of content types in web applications based on different user types Follow WordPress coding standards to develop reusable and maintainable code Build and customize themes beyond conventional web layouts Explore the power of core database tables and understand the limitations when designing database tables for large applications Integrate open source modules into WordPress applications to keep up with the latest open source technologies Customize the WordPress admin section and themes to create the look and feel of a typical web application In Detail WordPress is one of the most rapidly expanding markets on the Web. Learning how to build complex and scalable web applications will give you the ability and knowledge to step into the future of WordPress. WordPress 4.7 introduces some exciting new improvements and several bug fixes, which further improve the entire development process.This book is a practical, scenario-based guide to expanding the power of the WordPress core modules to develop modular and maintainable real-world applications from scratch. This book consistently emphasizes adapting WordPress features into web applications. It will walk you through the advanced usages of existing features such as access controlling; database handling; custom post types; pluggable plugins; content restrictions; routing; translation; caching; and many more, while you build the backend of a forum management application. This book begins by explaining how to plan the development of a web application using WordPress' core features. Once the core features are explained, you will learn how to build an application by extending them through custom plugin development. Finally, you will explore advanced non-functional features and application integration. After reading this book, you will have the ability to develop powerful web applications rapidly within limited time frames. Style and approach An extensive, practical guide that explains how to adapt WordPress features, both conventional and trending, for web applications.

Create Your Own Online Store In A Weekend

Author: Alannah Moore
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1616894091
Size: 73.24 MB
Format: PDF
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The advantages of selling your products online are many—low overhead, global markets, twenty-four-hour shopping—but perhaps most important is the level playing field offered by the internet. With a distinctive product and professional-looking website, you stand as much of a chance at success as anyone, even if others have more money to invest. In Create Your Own Online Store in a Weekend, Alannah Moore guides entrepreneurs through the process of setting up an online business and creating a website that fits both their products and their budget. This accessible primer provides detailed information on how to set up and provide content for your site as well as the right storefront and payment solutions. Moore addresses all aspects of running an online business, including marketing, order management, and boosting sales. Whether you are selling goods, services, or downloadable files, this guide will help you find the e-commerce solution that's right for you.

Worpress For Newbies

Author: Manuel Braschi
Publisher: Manuel Braschi
Size: 17.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Introduction WordPress For Newbies! A Practical Guide To Creating Your First Website Using The WordPress Platform! Did you know your website is the most important marketing tool you can possibly have? Billions of people go online every day to check their emails, connect with family and friends, and shop. If you still don’t have your own website, then you’re losing out big time! Now you can discover the shortcuts, and simple steps to follow inside the "WordPress For Newbies" home study course starting today. With WordPress For Newbies, you are getting a quality step by step blueprint to building an internet business that will generate everlasting, passive profits. It is a completely "Brand New" course covering 10 topics, in full detail and with great reference photos, around Internet Marketing. It is not just another e-book filled with theory & fluff. It is the most comprehensive Wordpress Course available on the market today! It will guide you all the way to take action by the end of the guide. Here's what's inside: Guide 1: Introduction To Using WordPress Guide 2: How To Lay The Proper Groundwork Before Diving In Guide 3: Simple WordPress Installation In A Few Clicks Guide 4: How To Match Your WordPress Theme To Your Offer Guide 5: Website Enhancing Plugins To Install Guide 6: WordPress On Site Optimization Guide 7: Securing Your WordPress Site Against Modern Day Hackers Guide 8: Keeping Up To Date With Legal Pages And Disclaimers Guide 9: How To Set Up Product Specific Pages And Navigation Guide 10: How To Start Collecting Payments And Build A Buyers List And A Lot More! Make sure your claim your copy right now while it's hot!

E Commerce For Dummies

Author: Don Jones
Publisher: For Dummies
ISBN: 9780764508479
Size: 19.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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E-commerce. Some businesses have enjoyed tremendous success, while others that have been in it a while wonder why it’s not working as well as they had anticipated. Some businesses think they should be in it, but don’t know where to start. Others think all you need is a URL and a Web site and you’re in business. E-commerce encompasses all aspects of buying and selling online. That necessitates several Internet technologies, including enterprise resource planning, electronic-procurement and payment transaction processing, Web site design, EDI and XML, networking protocols, and security. E-commerce is where sales and marketing and IT meet. Each group needs to know something about the other’s side of the business to do business online successfully. E-Commerce For Dummies helps bridge the gap between technical and sales with: Explanations of both business strategy and technology A comprehensive overview of the diverse areas of e-commerce, including business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C). Case studies that show real-world examples of what strategies are succeeding and what strategies are failing The authors include Greg Holden, the e-Marketplace columnist for CNET and bestselling author of Starting an Online Business For Dummies, and two prominent analysts from the e-commerce division of IDC, one of the premier technology and business forecasting companies in the world. They provide guidance to help businesses just entering the e-commerce and companies that want to boost their e-commerce sales, including information on: Marketing and competing in Cyberspace Planning your storefront Processing and fulfilling online transactions Dealing with the back office, including managing the supply chain and setting up distribution and fulfillment systems With online sales increasing at a phenomenal rate, established “brick and mortar” firms as well as entrepreneurs are realizing that e-commerce represents a tremendous opportunity. E-Commerce For Dummies helps businesses seize that opportunity and get down to business—online business—fast.

Wordpress 4 0 Site Blueprints

Author: Rachel McCollin
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784398594
Size: 12.81 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Create a variety of exciting sites for e-commerce, networking, video streaming, and more, using WordPress About This Book Build ten different types of website using WordPress Transfer your static site to WordPress and create sites to make money, build communities, and share your ideas The projects in the book will teach you how to use free themes and plugins without any prior coding experience Who This Book Is For WordPress Site Blueprints is suitable for new or experienced WordPress users. You don't need to be a PHP developer or have ever created a WordPress theme or plugin. Instead the book will help you use themes and plugins (all free) to create a wide range of sites. Familiarity with the WordPress interface will help you but you don't need to be able to write code. What You Will Learn Migrate your old static site into WordPress Create a network of sites for other people to work with each other Build a great store using the free WooCommerce plugin Create a video streaming site linked to YouTube Create a review site for products, services, or anything you'd like Create a jobs board so people can post jobs and apply for them Create websites that focus on networking such as a social media site, a communications center for your team, and a membership site to build a community Create a beautiful gallery site to showcase your photography In Detail WordPress is the world's most popular Content Management System (CMS) and you can use it to create any kind of site you or your clients need. Using free plugins and themes for WordPress, you can create a store, a social media site, a review site, a video site, a network of sites or a community site, and more. Wordpress makes your job of creating your own website simple and hassle-free! If you've started using WordPress to create a blog or simple website, you'll have had a taste of the opportunities offered by this massively popular CMS. This book will take you through the process of creating ten popular kinds of site using WordPress with free plugins and themes, each chapter covering various functionality of the web. After having learned how to migrate from your static site to Wordpress in the first chapter, you will then explore the world of social networking websites followed focusing on e-commerce. Without writing too much code, you'll be able to create a store, a video streaming site, a team communications site, a jobs board, and more. This book is a one-stop solution to resolve all your worries about creating a website that will give the best experience to your users. Style and approach A project-based step-by-step guide to creating ten different types of popular website using WordPress. This book takes you through clear and logical steps, with screenshots and tips along the way to help you follow the guide and learn how to get more from WordPress.