Margaret Sanger S Eugenic Legacy

Author: Angela Franks
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786454044
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"This work addresses Sanger's ideas concerning birth control, eugenics, population control, and sterilization against the backdrop of the larger eugenic context"--Provided by publisher.

Blessed Are The Barren

Author: Robert Gerard Marshall
Publisher: Ignatius Pr
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This is an extensively documented, painstakingly written, and meticulously researched account of the rise, growth, and pervasive influence of Planned Parenthood in 20th century America. It records the impact of the twin rivers of PP philosophy--eugenic population control and sexual amorality--on law and public policy in the United States.

Margaret Sanger

Author: Jean H. Baker
Publisher: Hill and Wang
ISBN: 1429968974
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Undoubtedly the most influential advocate for birth control even before the term existed, Margaret Sanger ignited a movement that has shaped our society to this day. Her views on reproductive rights have made her a frequent target of conservatives and so-called family values activists. Yet lately even progressives have shied away from her, citing socialist leanings and a purported belief in eugenics as a blight on her accomplishments. In this captivating new biography, the renowned feminist historian Jean H. Baker rescues Sanger from such critiques and restores her to the vaunted place in history she once held. Trained as a nurse and midwife in the gritty tenements of New York's Lower East Side, Sanger grew increasingly aware of the dangers of unplanned pregnancy—both physical and psychological. A botched abortion resulting in the death of a poor young mother catalyzed Sanger, and she quickly became one of the loudest voices in favor of sex education and contraception. The movement she started spread across the country, eventually becoming a vast international organization with her as its spokeswoman. Sanger's staunch advocacy for women's privacy and freedom extended to her personal life as well. After becoming a wife and mother at a relatively early age, she abandoned the trappings of home and family for a globe-trotting life as a women's rights activist. Notorious for the sheer number of her romantic entanglements, Sanger epitomized the type of "free love" that would become mainstream only at the very end of her life. That she lived long enough to see the creation of the birth control pill—which finally made planned pregnancy a reality—is only fitting.

The Negro

Author: W. E. B. Du Bois
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
ISBN: 1616403675
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This is the classic history of the African peoples in Africa and the New World, a repudiation of the absurd belief, widely held in the post-Civil War period, that Africans had no civilization but the one foisted upon them by their slave-trading captors.Writing for a popular audience in 1915, DuBois, one of America's greatest writers, lays out in easy-to-read, nonacademic prose the striking and illustrious story of the complex history and varied cultures of Africa. He explores everything from the art and industry of the peoples of the continent to the dramatic impact the slave trade had both in Africa and on her descendants in the Western Hemisphere.Boldly proud and beautifully written, this essential work will delight readers of American and African history as well as students of great American literature.American writer, civil rights activist, and scholar WILLIAM EDWARD BURGHARDT DU BOIS (1868-1963) was the first black man to receive a PhD from Harvard University. A co-founder of the NAACP, he wrote a number of important books, including Black Folk, Then and Now (1899) and The Negro (1915).

Contraception And Catholicism

Author: Angela Franks
ISBN: 9780819816382
Size: 77.15 MB
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Providing a comprehensive understanding of the Catholic Churchs teaching on contraception, Angela Franks, PhD, an experienced pro-life speaker and educator, explores how to live in accordance with Catholic sexual teaching and equips readers with the knowledge to explain the teaching to others. This understanding addresses Church history and the prevailing ideologies of todays mainstream society. Sociological data, vignettes of real life couples, a brief summary of natural family planning (NFP) and NaPRO Technology, and allusions to Theology of the Body are included.

The Sterilization Movement And Global Fertility In The Twentieth Century

Author: Ian Robert Dowbiggin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0195188586
Size: 55.99 MB
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The author ends by shedding light on the practical and ethical difficulties of distinguishing coercion from choice in reproductive-health policy. What does informed consent in birth control really mean on the ground? Whose needs are actually served in attempts to reduce fertility rates? According to Dowbiggin, the twentieth-century birth control movement never entirely shed its eugenic origins."--BOOK JACKET.

Population Control

Author: Steven Mosher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351497928
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For over half a century, policymakers committed to population control have perpetrated a gigantic, costly, and inhumane fraud upon the human race. They have robbed people of the developing countries of their progeny and the people of the developed world of their pocketbooks. Determined to stop population growth at all costs, those Mosher calls "population controllers" have abused women, targeted racial and religious minorities, undermined primary health care programs, and encouraged dictatorial actions if not dictatorship. They have skewed the foreign aid programs of the United States and other developed countries in an anti-natal direction, corrupted dozens of well-intentioned nongovernmental organizations, and impoverished authentic development programs. Blinded by zealotry, they have even embraced the most brutal birth control campaign in history: China's infamous one-child policy, with all its attendant horrors. There is no workable demographic definition of "overpopulation." Those who argue for its premises conjure up images of poverty - low incomes, poor health, unemployment, malnutrition, overcrowded housing to justify anti-natal programs. The irony is that such policies have in many ways caused what they predicted - a world which is poorer materially, less diverse culturally, less advanced economically, and plagued by disease. The population controllers have not only studiously ignored mounting evidence of their multiple failures; they have avoided the biggest story of them all. Fertility rates are in free fall around the globe. Movements with billions of dollars at their disposal, not to mention thousands of paid advocates, do not go quietly to their graves. Moreover, many in the movement are not content to merely achieve zero population growth, they want to see negative population numbers. In their view, our current population should be reduced to one or two billion or so. Such a goal would keep these interest groups fully employed. It would also have dangerous consequences for a global environment.

Ideology And Rhetoric

Author: Bożenna Chylińska
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443803898
Size: 40.34 MB
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The discovery of America and its further development into a modern state and a nation are the clear instance of how ideology and rhetoric are entwined and how they can encompass widely disparate viewpoints. The essays collected in this book address the topical issues of modern American Studies: cultural difference and otherness; gender, race and ethnicity; class and power. They represent new texts and contexts, approached through the revision, reevaluation, and reconfiguration of cannons, thus accommodating the expectations of the heterodox audience. Femininity reconsidered; an ideology of passing away in contemporary world of technical development; race captured within the framework of identity and gender; the rhetoric of blackness approached through racial exploitation; American conquest ideology revealed in a mission of Manifest Destiny; the 20th century assimilation rhetoric in the relations between Native Americans and the US federal government; the conservative ideology and apologetic rhetoric of the Antebellum South; the critique of the 21st century American legal system; the evolution of the presidential rhetoric which today addresses a large heterogeneous audience – all these topics impose a transnational interpretation of American culture which developed as a result of the cross-cultural transformation of European culture/cultures, moulded on American soil to finally become a unique reformulation of the very idea of America itself.

Birth Control Politics In The United States 1916 1945

Author: Carole R. McCann
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801486128
Size: 55.34 MB
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In a disturbing behind-the-scenes history of the early achievements of Margaret Sanger's American birth control movement, Carole R. McCann scrutinizes the movement's compromises as well as its successes.