Muscle Development In Drosophilia

Author: Helen Sink
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387329633
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The different aspects of muscle development are considered from cellular, molecular and genetic viewpoints, and the text is supported by black/white and color illustrations. The book will appeal to those studying muscle development and muscle biology in any organism.

Life Extension

Author: Alexander Vaiserman
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319183265
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​This book looks at aging through research on Drosophila, the fruit fly that is one of the most widely used model organisms in bio gerontology. Work in model organisms can expand the theoretical knowledge of aging: it yields valuable insight into the molecular and cellular processes that underlie aging process, and it can perhaps provide new therapeutic targets for the treatment of age-related disorders in humans. Drosophila models have been developed for a large variety of aging-related processes and diseases, and this book provides readers with an overview of current research on the use of the Drosophila model to understand the genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms that underlie the aging process. Themes of health span, life extension and longevity-associated genes emerge in this collation of international research on Drosophila that is of relevance to geriatrics and gerontology, animal genetics and genomics, and biomedicine. This fascinating, illustrated book will be of interest to a wide audience, ranging from academic researchers to the general reader.

Nature S Versatile Engine

Author: Jim Vigoreaux
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387312132
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Methods for Obtaining X-Ray Diffraction Patterns from Drosophila 198 Diffraction Patterns from Drosophila IFM 203 Concluding Remarks 211 Note Added in Proof 211 17. Functional and Ecological Effects of Isoform Variation in Insect Flight Muscle 214 James H. Marden Abstract 214 Introduction 215 Nature's Versatile Engine 215 The Underlying Genetics: An Underinflated Genome and a Hyperinflated Transcriptome and Proteome 216 Functional Effects of Isoform Variation 219 Alternative Splicing and the Generation of Combinatorial Complexity 220 Functional Consequences of Naturally Occurring Isoform Variation 220 18. Muscle Systems Design and Integration 230 Fritz- OlafLehmann Abstract 230 Power Requirements for Flight 230 Power Reduction 233 Power Constraints on Steering Capacity 234 Balancing Power and Control 236 Changes in Muscle Efficiency in Vivo 238 Concluding Remarks 239 From the Inside Out 19. Molecular Assays for Acto-Myosin Interactions 242 John C. Sparrow and Michael A. Geeves Abstract 242 Introduction 242 Myosin Purification and Preparation of the SI Fragment 243 Purification of Flight Muscle Actin 244 Assays of Myosin and Acto-Myosin 244 Major Conclusions Relating to the Enzymatic Properties of Insect Flight Muscle Acto-Myosin 247 Major Questions about Insect Flight Muscle Acto-Myosin Kinetics That Remain 249 20.

Histamine And Inflammation

Author: András Falus
Publisher: R G Landes Company
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Histamine is released in allergic, inflammatory reactions. This comprehensive text fully examines the physiological, biochemical and clinical significance of this mediator with a central role in allergic reaction.