Noel Merrill Wien

Author: Noel Merrill Wien
Publisher: Graphic Arts Books
ISBN: 1943328412
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Born into a family of aviators, Merrill Wien was destined to become a pilot. His father, Noel Wien, was one of the first pilots to fly in Alaska and his life was full of firsts, including making the first round-trip flight between Asia and North America in 1929. His mother played a big role in the founding and development of Wien Alaska Airlines, the second-oldest scheduled airline in the United States and territories. One of the most versatile and experienced pilots of his time, Merrill has flown just about every aircraft imaginable from DC-3s to Lockheed 1011s to historic military planes like the cargo C-46 and B-29 bomber to the Hiller UH-12E chopper. Although fundamentally modest by nature, family and friends encouraged Merrill to share his remarkable stories given his accomplishments and experiences with so many famous people and events. His tone is engagingly informal as he recounts crossing paths with such luminaries as Joe Crosson, Howard Hughes, Lowell Thomas Sr. and Lowell Thomas Jr., Sam White, Don Sheldon, Brad Washburn, Wally Schirra, and Bill Anders. He re-creates for readers his firsthand experiences flying top-secret missions for the Air Force, viewing the devastation of the Good Friday Earthquake in Anchorage, and the challenges of starting his own helicopter company, to name just a few. His fascinating narrative is complemented by photographs from his personal archives.

Noel Merrill Wien

Author: Noel Merrill Wien
Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books
ISBN: 9781943328758
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Fans of aviation and military history will enjoy this chronicle of one of the most accomplished and experienced pilots of his time, recognized for his incredibly diverse and in-depth knowledge of close to 150 types of aircraft, his mentoring of hundreds of young men and women, and 30,000 accident-free hours over the course of six decades of flying.

Noel Wien

Author: Ira Harkey
ISBN: 9781889963167
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From his days as one of Alaska's earliest bush pilots through the years spent developing Wien Air Alaska with his brothers, Noel Wien built up a long list of firsts: he was first to fly commercially from Fairbanks to Nome and from Fairbanks to Seattle, first to fly from Anchorage to Fairbanks, first to fly and land beyond the Arctic Circle, and first to make a round-trip flight between Alaska and Asia. Wien shared a vision to bring commercial aviation to the Far North, and he acted on it. He had 538 hours of barnstorming and aerial circus stunt flying behind him when he arrived in Alaska in 1924. At that time, Alaska's rugged terrain permitted little more than primitive means of communication and transportation. There were no air charts and no radio communication. Navigation depended solely on a pilot's use of natural features of checkpoints, but the innumerable rivers and mountains too easily could look identical. Safe landing sites were scarce. Wien embraced the challenge presented by these obstacles with courage tempered by his native caution - not to mention exceptional talent and a boundless love of flying. Before long, supplies could be taken to settlements previously serviced only by dog sled and sick persons could be transported quickly to hospitals. In this dramatic account of a flying hero, Pulitzer Prize winning author Ira Harkey describes Wien's experiences in an engaging style, and he establishes Wien's place in Alaska history. In the process, Harkey makes a valuable contribution towards an understanding of the Alaska of the recent past and the people who lived there. This commemorative edition marks the 75th anniversary of Noel Wien's arrival in Alaska as well as his pioneering flight between Anchorage and Fairbanks. It includes additional photographs and an informative new foreword by Cole. Noel Wien pursued his vision through decades of wild experiences in an unyielding land. His aviation milestones brought the people of Alaska closer and helped open Alaska to the outside world.

Alaska Over Israel

Author: Darragh Metzger
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781981854332
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Known initially as "On Wings of Eagles" and later as "Operation Magic Carpet," the top-secret emergency Jewish Airlift that began in 1948 was meant to rescue Jewish refugees from around the world and bring them to their ancient homeland--the newly reborn nation of Israel. In Shanghai, homeless Jews huddled in ghettos and prayed for rescue. In Yemen, entire tribes trekked miles of desert and robber-infested mountains to the ancient port city of Aden within the British Protectorate to await a miracle. It came in the form of a tiny, struggling American airline known as... Alaska Airlines. Alaskan pilots and crew little suspected they would create an aviation legend. With inadequate aircraft and no preparation, they risked their lives every time they lifted from Aden or Shanghai runways to fly Jewish refugees across Muslim territory to the new nation of Israel. Warren Metzger and Marian Liscomb were among those who accepted the challenge. Dodging bullets and bombs, Warren, Marian, and their fellow Alaskans faced deadly peril, bureaucratic bungling, inspirational faith and courage, horrors and heroism to help fulfill an ancient prophecy. They bore the scattered children of Israel to the Holy Land "on the wings of eagles."

Alaska Justice

Author: M. D. Kincaid
Publisher: Alaska Justice
ISBN: 9780979669309
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Trooper Jack Blake pilots Bush plans, mushes dogteams, and climbs on snowshoes to catch the bad guy. With horrible weather, blood-thirsty grizzly bears, politics and plane crashes, his job to find real justice is hard enough. The Blake learns that one particulary powerful guy is making it his job to kill him in action with the unlimited resources of his wealth and power.

Steep Turn

Author: David B. Crawley, M.d.
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781515009689
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Be prepared for laughter and tears in this behind-the-scenes peek into this doctor's life, with a twist that takes his career from the clinic to the cockpit as he embarks on a second profession as a commercial airline pilot. This fascinating memoir offers a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a young physician. Walk through the halls of the hospital with the author as a medical intern. Dash along on his calls as he rushes to attend dramatic scenes involving life and death. Watch as he saves a life by applying a theory he learned in medical school and performing a procedure he has studied from a book - if he's lucky, he has actually seen one done once. "See one, do one, teach one" is the refrain among all of his equally-inexperienced young colleagues. If he is nervous or unsure, he is nevertheless intrepid. He does what he believes must be done. This true-life narrative takes you through a thirteen-year segment of the author's life. It begins with a detailed description of life as a medical intern followed by a brief stint practicing rural medicine in the tiny town of Grand Coulee, Washington, as a fresh new physician. The story continues with an account of his duties as a naval flight surgeon during the Vietnam War years and, finally, his experience in private practice in a small resort town in North Idaho. Throughout the period, he questions his choice of a career in medicine and struggles with the decision to leave it all behind to pursue a lifetime dream. You'll enjoy it all in this well-written memoir that is factual, informative, honest, and, at times, cleverly humorous.

Bush Pilot

Author: Arnold Griese
Publisher: Publication Consultants
ISBN: 1594331359
Size: 35.42 MB
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Harold Gillam Sr's story is presented with new clarity and balance. Bush Pilot describes a private, introspective man torn between family responsibilities and his unrelenting drive to pursue his goals in aviation. Early Alaska aviation did not rely on the actions of one single pilot but succeeded through the shared strength and will of many. Yet Gillam made significant contributions. The facts and details surrounding Gillam's adventures and some times "edge of the seat" flights keep readers involved from the first page through the controversy overshadowing his final tragic flight. Bush Pilot is an Alaska aviation adventure. Bush Pilot offers thought-provoking insights into Alaska's aviation history, and introduced me to its courageous and colorful pilots and other interesting characters -- many of whom had once been only names in the news during my growing up years here in the Interior. Val Scullion: Alaska grown. Bush Pilot is a well-researched account of an Alaska Pioneer aviator whose natural instincts and high degree of self-confidence help explain his success in off-airport operation and weather and instrument flying. Tom Hetherington: lifelong Alaskan, private pilot, and Alaska aviation history aficionado. In a book appealing to novice and experienced aviation buffs alike, Arnold Griese has brought new light to the life and legend of Harold Gillam. Full of new details about the famed Alaska bush pilot, Bush Pilot serves to demystify the events in Gillam's life while providing an excellent account of the early days in Alaska aviation history. Kenny Williams: a 20,000 hour airline pilot uses his Cessna 172 to reach prime hunting and fishing spots.

Finding Alaska S Villages

Author: Alex Hills
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1457551101
Size: 25.28 MB
Format: PDF
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Alex Hills traveled Alaska by bush plane and snow machine, braving extreme weather and rough terrain to bring telephone service to small villages across the big state. Then he developed a new public radio station to serve the people of Alaska’s huge northwest region. In Finding Alaska’s Villages Alex tells the story of how he helped the state’s telecom pioneers bring about an innovation that would forever change rural Alaska. It took some innovative technical work — and some convincing of government officials and corporate executives — to make it happen. The innovation was the introduction of the small satellite earth stations that would eventually make needed telecommunication services — two-way medical communication, a phone in every house and business, and radio and live television programs — available in Alaska’s villages.


Author: Holger Jorgensen
ISBN: 9780974922157
Size: 62.90 MB
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"Jorgy" Jorgensen is a legendary Alaska Native bush pilot, but his life is much more than a great flying story. He was raised by his Inupiat Eskimo mother and his Norwegian gold-miner father in a tiny mining camp in interior Alaska. After his father's death during the Depression, when Jorgy was only seven, they lived a subsistence lifestyle: Jorgy worked in the gold mines, ran a trap line, and mushed dogs. He served in Mukluk Marston's Alaska Territorial Guard and was a sergeant by the age of 17. After Pearl Harbor, he became Sig Wien's fire potter and gas boy, and learned to fly. He operated a dragline in the summer, he was a boxing champion, and he singlehandedly desegregated Nome's movie theater. His flying career was equally varied: he flew all across Alaska, from the T-3 ice island delivering scientific equipment and supplies, to delivering cargoes of fresh fish in King Salmon, to moving reindeer from Hagemeister Island; he flew in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Canada. He flew from 1943 to 2001, logging more than 35,000 hours of flight time, with only one--minor--accident. Telling his extraordinary life story in spare, no-fuss fashion, this book allows a vivid glimpse into a tulmultuous and exciting period in aviation from the point of view of one of Alaska's early Native bush pilots.

The Flying North

Author: Jean Potter
ISBN: 9780989778503
Size: 63.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1924, the first mail plane was flown in Alaska and the era of the bush pilot began. Ben Eielson, Noel Wien, Bob Reeve, Harold Gillam and Joe Crosson are not well known today but they along with many others successfully challenged the wilderness and created a legend that endures even in the twenty-first century. The bush pilot is as much a part of Alaskan lore as the northern lights, and shows no sign of fading away. Originally published in 1945, The Flying North returns in this stunning reissue which includes previously unpublished material from author Jean Potter. It is the only book written on Alaska's early days in the air that draws on personal interviews with the men who were there. The Flying North presents Alaska as it was during the daw