Old Kingdom New Perspectives

Author: Nigel Strudwick
Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited
ISBN: 9781842174302
Size: 69.25 MB
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Proceedings of the Old Kingdom Art and Archaeology Conference, held May 20-23, 2009 at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Towards A New History For The Egyptian Old Kingdom

Author: Peter Der Manuelian
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004301895
Size: 42.45 MB
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These conference papers from a one-day international Egyptology symposium at Harvard University (April 26, 2012) consider questions of kingship, religion, art, economics, and old and new archaeological excavations at the Giza Pyramids and beyond (3rd millennium BCE).

Ancient Egyptian Administration

Author: Juan Carlos Moreno García
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004250085
Size: 38.71 MB
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The book provides an up-to-date overview of the structure, organization and evolution of the pharaonic administration from its origins to the middle of the first millennium BCE. General descriptions are supplemented by specific analysis of key archives, practices and institutions.

An Introduction To The Archaeology Of Ancient Egypt

Author: Kathryn A. Bard
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470673362
Size: 28.67 MB
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This student–friendly introduction to the archaeology of ancientEgypt guides readers from the Paleolithic to the Greco–Romanperiods, and has now been updated to include recent discoveries andnew illustrations. Superbly illustrated with photographs, maps, and siteplans, with additional illustrations in this new edition Organized into 11 chapters, covering: thehistory of Egyptology and Egyptian archaeology; prehistoric andpharaonic chronology and the ancient Egyptian language; geography,resources, and environment; and seven chapters organizedchronologically and devoted to specific archaeological sites andevidence Includes sections on salient topics such as theconstructing the Great Pyramid at Giza and the process ofmummification

Ancient Egypt Transformed

Author: Adela Oppenheim
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
ISBN: 1588395642
Size: 53.42 MB
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The Middle Kingdom (ca. 2030–1650 B.C.) was a transformational period in ancient Egypt, during which older artistic conventions, cultural principles, religious beliefs, and political systems were revived and reimagined. Ancient Egypt Transformed presents a comprehensive picture of the art of the Middle Kingdom, arguably the least known of Egypt’s three kingdoms and yet one that saw the creation of powerful, compelling works rendered with great subtlety and sensitivity. The book brings together nearly 300 diverse works— including sculpture, relief decoration, stelae, jewelry, coffins, funerary objects, and personal possessions from the world’s leading collections of Egyptian art. Essays on architecture, statuary, tomb and temple relief decoration, and stele explore how Middle Kingdom artists adapted forms and iconography of the Old Kingdom, using existing conventions to create strikingly original works. Twelve lavishly illustrated chapters, each with a scholarly essay and entries on related objects, begin with discussions of the distinctive art that arose in the south during the early Middle Kingdom, the artistic developments that followed the return to Egypt’s traditional capital in the north, and the renewed construction of pyramid complexes. Thematic chapters devoted to the pharaoh, royal women, the court, and the vital role of family explore art created for different strata of Egyptian society, while others provide insight into Egypt’s expanding relations with foreign lands and the themes of Middle Kingdom literature. The era’s religious beliefs and practices, such as the pilgrimage to Abydos, are revealed through magnificent objects created for tombs, chapels, and temples. Finally, the book discusses Middle Kingdom archaeological sites, including excavations undertaken by the Metropolitan Museum over a number of decades. Written by an international team of respected Egyptologists and Middle Kingdom specialists, the text provides recent scholarship and fresh insights, making the book an authoritative resource.

Pocket Timeline Of Ancient Egypt

Author: Helen Strudwick
Publisher: Interlink Books
ISBN: 9781566568951
Size: 44.56 MB
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?Discover ancient Egypt, from the earliest prehistoric Egyptians, through the ages of the pyramids and pharaohs, to the Roman conquest and the end of ancient Egyptian civilization. Travel back in time to see the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt, meet some of the great pharaohs, find out about Egyptian art and writing, and investigate the mummies and their tombs.

Science In The Study Of Ancient Egypt

Author: Sonia Zakrzewski
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317391950
Size: 27.27 MB
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Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt takes an innovative and integrated approach to the use of scientific techniques and methodologies within the study of ancient Egypt. Accessibly demonstrating how to integrate scientific methodologies into Egyptology broadly, and in Egyptian archaeology in particular, this volume will help to maximise the amount of information that can be obtained within a study of ancient Egypt, be it in the field, museum, or laboratory. Using a range of case studies which exemplify best practice within Egyptian archaeological science, Science in the Study of Ancient Egypt presents both the scientific methods of analysis available and their potential applications to Egyptologists. Although Egyptology has mainly shown a marked lack of engagement with recent archaeological science, the authors illustrate the inclusive but varied nature of the scientific archaeology which is now being undertaken, demonstrating how new analytical techniques can develop greater understanding of Egyptian data.

The Organization Of The Pyramid Texts

Author: Harold M. Hays
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004218653
Size: 19.34 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The oldest substantial body of religious texts from ancient Egypt consists of the Pyramid Texts. These are hieroglyphic religious texts inscribed upon the interior walls of the pyramid tombs of kings and queens beginning around 2345 BCE. This book explores the Pyramid Texts.