Pro Data Backup And Recovery

Author: Steven Nelson
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430226625
Size: 20.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Good backup and recovery strategies are key to the health of any organization. Medium- to very-large-scale systems administrators have to protect large amounts of critical data as well as design backup solutions that are scalable and optimized to meet changing conditions. Pro Data Backup and Recovery will cover some of the more common backup applications, such as Symantec NetBackup/BackupExec, EMC NetWorker, and CommVault, but the main discussion will focus on the implementation of 21st century architectures that allow the backup software to be a “commodity” item. The underlying architecture provides the framework for meeting the requirements of data protection for the organization. This book covers new developments in data protection as well as the impact of single-instance storage upon backup infrastructures. It discusses the impact of backup and data replication, the often misapplied B2D and D2D strategies, and “tapeless” backup environments. Continuous data protection and remote replication strategies are also addressed as they are integrated within backup strategies—a very important topic today. Learn backup solution design regardless of specific backup software Design realistic recovery solutions Take into account new data protection standards and the impact of data replication Whether you are using NetBackup, CommVault, or some other backup software, Pro Data Backup and Recovery will give you the information you need to keep your data safe and available. What you’ll learn Elements of a backup environment and applications of those elements New technologies within the backup technology area and their impact on design Configurations using both Symantec NetBackup and CommVault Simpana, with combinations of backup serves, media servers, and clients, and the impacts of each combination Combinations of both hardware and software configurations that are scalable from small to large environments Designs that address perennial problem areas such as remote offices, very short (less-than-15-minute) recovery point objectives (RPOs), and tape management Reporting requirements that will assist in maintaining and growing an implementation once executed Who this book is for The general audience for this book includes systems engineers, systems administrators, and specialist backup administrators. Table of Contents Introduction to Backup and Recovery Backup Software Physical Backup Media Virtual Backup Media New Media Technologies Software Architectures: CommVault Software Architectures: NetBackup Application Backup Strategies Putting It All Together: Sample Backup Environments Monitoring and Reporting Summary

Backup Recovery

Author: Curtis Preston
Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."
ISBN: 0596102461
Size: 63.77 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Packed with practical, affordable backup and recovery solutions for UNIX, Linux, Windows, and the Mac OS X system--as well as various databases--this new guide is a complete overhaul of the author's strong-selling "UNIX Backup & Recovery," now revised and expanded with over 40 percent new material.

Pro Sql Server Disaster Recovery

Author: James Luetkehoelter
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430206012
Size: 70.22 MB
Format: PDF
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This book explains how to implement an effective disaster recovery strategy for SQL Server 2005 and 2008 databases. It details powerful tools and features for data backup and disaster recovery present in SQL Server 2005 and enhanced in SQL Server 2008. Users of SQL Server 2000 will find that the options for handling disaster recovery have dramatically increased. This book explores those options by examining the technical details of disaster recovery features and then applying that knowledge to practical scenarios. Also covered are fundamental changes to disaster recovery capabilities and common issues to expect when using new features.

Sql Server Backup And Restore

Author: Shawn McGehee
ISBN: 9781906434861
Size: 71.73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A database administrator's duties include ensuring that a database can be restored and recovered in the event of error or disaster. This book discusses how to perform backup and restore operations using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), basic T-SQL scripts and Red Gate's SQL Backup tool. Capturing backups using SSMS or simple scripts is fine for one-off backup operations, but any backups that form part of the recovery strategy for any given database must be automated with some built-in checks that, for example, alert the responsible database administrator immediately if a problem arises. The tool of choice in this book for backup automation is Red Gate SQL Backup. Building an automated solution will take a lot of work, but this book offers some advice on possible options, such as PowerShell scripting, T-SQL scripts and SQL Server Agent jobs. --

Oracle Database 12c Backup And Recovery Survival Guide

Author: Francisco Munoz Alvarez
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782171215
Size: 31.95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The book follows a tutorial-based approach, covering all the best practices for backup and recovery. The book starts by introducing readers to the world of backup and recovery, then moves on to teach them the new features offered by Oracle 12c. The book is full of useful tips and best practices that are essential for any DBA to perform backup and recovery operations in an organization.This book is designed for Oracle DBAs and system administrators. The reader will have a basic working experience of administering Oracle databases. This book is designed for Oracle DBAs and system administrators.This book will become a reference guide and will also help you to learn some new skills, and give you some new ideas you never knew about, helping you to easily find the solution to some of the most well-known problems you could encounter as DBAs.

Rman Recipes For Oracle Database 11g

Author: Sam Alapati
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 1430203056
Size: 17.51 MB
Format: PDF
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In this book, Oracle experts Darl Kuhn, Sam Alapati, and Arup Nanda show you the power of Recovery Manager, or RMAN, which is Oracle's backup and recovery tool of choice. Oracle RMAN Recipes helps you take advantage of all that RMAN has to offer. This handy guide demystifies the steps required to protect your business data. It provides ready-made and example-based solutions to common (and some not-so-common) backup and recovery operations.

Pro Sql Server 2005 High Availability

Author: Allan Hirt
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 9781430203742
Size: 47.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book comprehensively covers the technology, the people, the process, and the real-world best practices for planning, deploying, administering, and maintaining highly available SQL Server 2005 instances. It provides in-depth, detailed advice on what it takes to assure SQL Server high availability for businesses of any size. It covers both availability and performance, from the perspective of high availability, and addresses the crucial needs of enterprise-class, 24x7 SQL Server 2005 implementations. The book is based on real-world experience. It gives sound guidance to DBAs and system administrators on how to really get the job done.

Windows 7 Secrets

Author: Paul Thurrott
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470589124
Size: 30.66 MB
Format: PDF
View: 3666
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Tips, tricks, treats, and secrets revealed on the latest operating system from Microsoft: Windows 7 You already know the ups and downs of Windows Vista-now it's time to learn the ins and outs of Windows 7! Internationally recognized Windows experts, Microsoft insiders, and authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera cut through the hype to pull away the curtain and reveal useful information not found anywhere else. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you'll discover little-known facts on how things work, what's new and different, and how you can modify Windows 7 to meet your own specific needs. A witty, conversational tone tells you what you need to know to go from Windows user to Windows expert and doesn't waste time with basic computer topics while point-by-point comparisons demonstrate the difference between Windows 7 features and functionality to those in Windows XP and Vista. Windows 7 is the exciting update to Microsoft's operating system Authors are internationally known Windows experts and Microsoft insiders Exposes tips, tricks, and secrets on the new features and functionality of Windows 7 Reveals best practices for customizing the system to work for you Investigates the differences between Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows No need to whisper! Window 7 Secrets is the ultimate insider's guide to Microsoft's most exciting Windows version in years.

Hadoop Backup And Recovery Solutions

Author: Gaurav Barot
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1783289058
Size: 79.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Hadoop offers distributed processing of large datasets across clusters and is designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of machines, with a very high degree of fault tolerance. It enables computing solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, flexible, and fault tolerant to back up very large data sets from hardware failures. Starting off with the basics of Hadoop administration, this book becomes increasingly exciting with the best strategies of backing up distributed storage databases. You will gradually learn about the backup and recovery principles, discover the common failure points in Hadoop, and facts about backing up Hive metadata. A deep dive into the interesting world of Apache HBase will show you different ways of backing up data and will compare them. Going forward, you'll learn the methods of defining recovery strategies for various causes of failures, failover recoveries, corruption, working drives, and metadata. Also covered are the concepts of Hadoop matrix and MapReduce. Finally, you'll explore troubleshooting strategies and techniques to resolve failures.