The Autobiography Of St Ignatius Loyola With Related Documents

Author: John C. Olin
Publisher: Fordham Univ Press
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From the Introduction: The autobiography...does not cover the complete life of Ignatius. It begins abruptly in 1521 at the great turning point in the saint's life - his injury in the battle of Pamplona when the French occupied that town and attacked its citadel. It then spans the next seventeen years up to the arrival of Ignatius and his early companions in Rome.These years are the central years of Ignatius's life. They are the years.that open with his religious conversion and that witness his spiritual growth. They are the years of pilgrimage, to use his own designation, of active travel and searching, and of interior progress in the Christian life. They are the years of preparation for the establishment of the great religious order he will found and for its dynamic thrust in the turbulent Europe and the expanding world of his day.

A Pilgrim S Journey

Author: Ignatius of Loyola
Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Saint Ignatius of Loyola was a man who saw above and beyond his century, a man of vision and calm hope, who could step comfortably into our era and the Church of our time and show us how to draw closer to Christ. Ignatius' autobiography spans eighteen very important years of this saint's 65-year life…from his wounding at Pamplona (1521) through his conversion, his university studies and his journey to Rome in order to place his followers and himself at the disposal of the Pope. These critical years reveal the incredible transformation and spiritual growth in the soul of a great saint and the events that helped to bring about that change in his life. This classic work merits a long life. Apart from providing a splendid translation of the saint's original text, Father Tylenda has included an informative commentary which enables the modern reader to grasp various allusions in the text-and to gain a better view of a saintly man baring his soul.

Personal Writings

Author: Ignatius of Loyola
Publisher: Penguin UK
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One of the key figures in Christian history, St. Ignatius of Loyola (c. 1491-1556) was a passionate and unique spiritual thinker and visionary. The works gathered here provide a first-hand, personal introduction to this remarkable character: a man who turned away from the Spanish nobility to create the revolutionary Jesuit Order, inspired by the desire to help people follow Christ. His Reminiscences describe his early life, his religious conversion following near-paralysis in battle, and his spiritual and physical ordeals as he struggled to assist those in need, including plague, persecution and imprisonment. The Spiritual Exercises offer guidelines to those seeking the will of God, and the Spiritual Diary shows Ignatius in daily mystical contact with God during a personal strugg;e. The Letters collected here provide an insight into Ignatius' ceaseless campaign to assist those seeking enlightenment and to direct the young Society of Jesus.

The Autobiography Of St Ignatius

Author: Saint Ignatius Loyola
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Reproduction of the original: The Autobiography of St. Ignatius by Saint Ignatius Loyola

Saint Ignatius Loyola

Author: James Brodrick
Publisher: Ignatius Press
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It is generally agreed among his foes no less than among his friends that Ignatius of Loyola was a maker of history. A hundred books could be cited in proof of this statement, but the aim of this classic work is rather to show history and the grace of God forming the person of St. Ignatius. In this definitive biographical work, Fr. Brodrick combines scholarly research with a readable, enjoyable style in a book that endeavors to show the stages by which God led the wounded cavalier out of his dream-world of romantic battles in the service of fair ladies into the noontide of divine reality. "The Pilgrimage," as he liked to call the difficult period of his spiritual apprenticeship, began when he was thirty and lasted for seventeen years of endless and often very moving trials. Out of it emerged a man completely transformed in Christ, one of the great saints in the history of the Church. Includes maps and index.

The Autobiography Of St Ignatius Loyola

Author: Saint Ignatius Loyola
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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This account of the life of St. Ignatius, dictated by himself, is considered by the Bollandists the most valuable record of the great Founder of the Society of Jesus. The editors of the Stimmen Aus Maria Laach, the German review, as well as those of the English magazine, The Month, tell us that it, more than any other work, gives an insight into the spiritual life of St. Ignatius. Few works in ascetical literature, except the writings of St. Teresa and St. Augustine, impart such a knowledge of the soul. To understand fully the Spiritual Exercises, we should know something of the man who wrote them. In this life of St. Ignatius, told in his own words, we acquire an intimate knowledge of the author of the Exercises. We discern the Saint's natural disposition, which was the foundation of his spiritual character. We learn of his conversion, his trials, the obstacles in his way, the heroism with which he accomplished his great mission. This autobiography of St. Ignatius is the groundwork of all the great lives of him that have been written. Bartoli draws from it, Genelli develops it, the recent magnificent works of Father Clair, S.J., and of Stewart Rose are amplifications of this simple story of the life of St. Ignatius. The Saint in his narrative always refers to himself in the third person, and this mode of speech has here been retained. Many persons who have neither the time, nor, perhaps, the inclination, to read larger works, will read, we trust, with pleasure and profit this autobiography. Ignatius, as he lay wounded in his brother's house, read the lives of the saints to while away the time. Touched by grace, he cried, "What St. Francis and St. Dominic have done, that, by God's grace, I will do." May this little book, in like manner, inspire its readers with the desire of imitating St. Ignatius.

The Life Of St Ignatius Of Loyola

Author: Fr. Genelli
Publisher: TAN Books
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A thorough biography of the founder of the Jesuits and author of the famous Spiritual Exercises (which have formed saints and apostles for centuries). Does not skip his miracles. Describes the founding and structure of the Jesuits and how this remarkable order had an immediate and profound effect on the Christian world. One of the most influential men and one of the most influential orders in all of history. Impr.


Author: Peter Du Brul
Publisher: Gracewing Publishing
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Peter Du Brul has moved beyond stereotypes, and invites us to read with him the autobiography that Ignatius dictated towards the end of his life at the request of his fellow Jesuits. In it we see how Ignatius records his own development from amateur soldier and reader of romances to head of a worldwide order and mystic. The mistakes he made, the exaggerations and false emphases are all set down, as well as the discoveries of the way forward. The principles of 'discernment' were principles he learned from hard experience. In this volume, the original text of the Autobiography is followed by Peter Du Brul's personal and very accessible commentary.