Shadows And Stars

Author: Becca Fanning
Publisher: Carter & Bradley Publishing via PublishDrive
Size: 31.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Destiny is fated unless you have the power to change it. Cursed or gifted, these heroes will need much more than enchantments, wits, and skillful fighting to defeat their equally crafty villains. Dive into this collection of action-packed stories where supernatural adventure meets conjuring danger. From fated mates to fated stars, the bonds that form are tested to their limits. Discover magic, love, and passion, in the Shadows and Stars paranormal & sci-fi romance collection when you download today! Including stories from... USA Today bestselling author, Becca Fanning USA Today bestselling author, Eden Ashe USA Today bestselling author, Leilani Love USA Today bestselling author, Eva Winters USA Today bestselling author, Cate Farren USA Today bestselling author, Laura Greenwood writing with Arizona Tape Kiersten Fay Tigris Eden Award-Winning author, Cyndi Faria Pepper McGraw Angela Sanders Rachel Rawlings Catherine Banks Gina Wynn Miranda Lynn

The British Billionaire Bachelor Act Three

Author: Maggie Carpenter
Publisher: Dark Secrets Press
ISBN: 0615964214
Size: 58.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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SIMON SINCLAIR AND BELLE SOMERS HAVE RETURNED, and their romantic journey is deepening... “My ultimate goal for us, is that I will become your Master,” he breathed, his eyes penetrating hers. Truly in love for the first time in his Dominant life, Simon is deeply committed to his beautiful Belle, and is gently coaxing her down the path of her submissive journey, but Simon is also tasked with righting the wrong done to his father. His plan is about to be launched when Belle receives word that Lucinda, her spoiled, short-tempered, actress sister, is about to land on their doorstep. Simon calls upon Joseph Cardinelli, the ex-marine who once saved Belle’s life, to accompany the difficult Lucinda to London to be her chauffeur and bodyguard. The young starlet quickly learns that Joseph is one man who will not tolerate her Hollywood Diva dramas. “You are a very naughty girl,” Joseph scolded. “Bury your head in that pillow. I’m going to spank you quickly, and it will hurt, just as it should.” THE BRITISH BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR, ACT III is filled with intrigue as Simon sets about balancing the Karmic Scales on behalf of his father, while it explores the deepening, sensuous romance between Simon and Belle, and the burgeoning relationship of Lucinda and Joseph. Spanking, bondage, salacious sex and idyllic romance are their constant companions in this tale of love, lust, and subterfuge.

Sea Of Darkness

Author: Isadora Brown
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781987796728
Size: 52.66 MB
Format: PDF
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An unexpected partnership changes everything Sea Slayer Kelia Starling has grown up with one truth: Sea Shadows are vicious creatures that need to be eradicated. No exceptions. Not even for him. The Society's sole purpose is to protect the general population from supernatural monsters, and Kelia's their top Slayer. But when her father is murdered and her handler insists it's suicide, she starts to question whether The Society really has her best interests at heart. Now, to solve her father's death, Kelia must work with an unexpected ally: Drew Knight, an infamous Sea Shadow and the most beautiful creature Kelia has ever set eyes upon. A Sea Shadow who, without intending to, just may show her who the real enemy is...and it'll only cost her one unnamed favor to be collected at a future date. But after her affiliation with Drew Knight is discovered, Kelia is forced to choose between what she's known since the beginning of her existence...or a dark, terrifying truth that puts her life at risk. Find out who dies and who survives in SEA OF DARKNESS, the first installment of The Vampire Pirate Saga, an exciting new urban fantasy romance readers of Sarah J Maas and Karen Marie Moning are sure to devour!

Seize The Night

Author: Dean Koontz
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0307414116
Size: 37.95 MB
Format: PDF
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BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Dean Koontz's The City. There are no rules in the dark, no place to feel safe, no escape from the shadows. But to save the day, you must...Seize the Night. At no time does Moonlight Bay look more beautiful than at night. Yet it is precisely then that the secluded little town reveals its menace. Now children are disappearing. From their homes. From the streets. And there's nothing their families can do about it. Because in Moonlight Bay, the police work their hardest to conceal crimes and silence victims. No matter what happens in the night, their job is to ensure that nothing disturbs the peace and quiet of Moonlight Bay.... Christopher Snow isn't afraid of the dark. Forced to live in the shadows because of a rare genetic disorder, he knows the night world better than anyone. He believes the lost children are still alive and that their disappearance is connected to the town's most carefully kept, most ominous secret—a secret only he can uncover, a secret that will force him to confront an adversary at one with the most dangerous darkness of all. The darkness inside the human heart.

Charting The Unknown

Author: Kim Petersen
Publisher: Behler Publications
ISBN: 1933016639
Size: 20.50 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A humorous and thought-provoking celebration of life and spirit while living on a handmade boat with 2 high octane teenagers.

A Chosen Life

Author: K. A. Parkinson
ISBN: 9780996853118
Size: 21.55 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In the fight against dark forces that threaten mankind, the elite and chosen Macy, knows there is no room for speed bumps. However, not only does their prophesied leader arrive ten years late, but turns out to be Tolen, a reclusive seventeen year-old. This action-packed adventure tests everything that Macy is, and brings out all that Tolen can be.

Ruby Callaway The Complete Collection

Author: D.N. Erikson
Publisher: Watchfire Press
Size: 62.71 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 6910
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USA Today Bestseller The complete trilogy and all four side stories. Together for the first time. Supernatural bounty hunter Ruby Callaway has booked more than a few contracts over her long life. Some have been more dangerous than others. The Complete Ruby Callaway Collection gathers all of Ruby Callaway's novels and stories - almost a quarter million words of urban fantasy action - in a single volume for the first time. Join Ruby, her trusty shotgun, entertaining allies, and her Realmfaring intuition on adventures to worlds both familiar (Earth) and foreign (The Weald of Centurions, The Fae Plains). Spanning over two hundred years, from her origin story in 1812 (Bone Realm) to her battle against the corporate monolith MagiTekk in the near-future (Lightning Blade), The Ruby Callaway Collection is not your typical urban fantasy. But, then, Ruby isn't your typical bounty hunter. The Complete Ruby Callaway Collection contains all three full-length novels in The Ruby Callaway Trilogy: Lightning Blade, Shadow Flare, and Blood River. It also includes all four of Ruby's side adventures fleshing out her two century backstory, previously only available to subscribers of D.N. Erikson's newsletter. These include two novellas: Bone Realm and Going Home, and two side stories: "Silver Tempest" and "Kentucky Clear."

The Curious Tale Of Gabrielle

Author: Zachary Paul Chopchinski
Publisher: Zachary Paul Chopchinski
ISBN: 1311134964
Size: 11.17 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Gabrielle is driven by her will to explore and see new things. When she moves to the small town of Envisage, she is drawn to a hidden antique shop and its mysterious owner. When Gabrielle is given a strange gift, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil. Follow Gabrielle as she ventures through the lives of many with the experience of only her own. It’s a journey through history, life, and love unlike anything that could be imagined—except perhaps by a curious young girl.

Murder And Mayhem

Author: Nathan M Farrugia
Publisher: Carter & Bradley Publishing
ISBN: 1537863126
Size: 44.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Looking for unforgettable heroes pitted against unbeatable odds? Evil lurks in broad daylight. Conspiracies play out in the shadows. Nowhere is safe. And these 20 pulse-pounding mysteries and thrillers won’t let you forget it…‘ Fans of Lee Child, James Patterson, Gillian Flynn, Paula Hawkins, and John Grisham will love the USA Today and Award-Winning authors in the MURDER & MAYHEM boxed set, which is why the authors of this collection came together to bundle 20 EXCLUSIVE thrillers and mysteries, including plenty of BRAND NEW material! This unbeatable lineup of stories will spike your heart rate and blow your senses with thousands of pages of clever crimes, devastating murders, heart-pounding mystery, and psychological twists. From tales of spies and espionage to small-town mysteries and traditional courtroom thrillers to hard-boiled noir, this collection offers a cross-section of modern thriller and mystery. Scroll Up Now and Pre-order Today to secure your 20 stories from the masters of thrills and kills! Including Titles From… Award-Winning author Nathan M. Farrugia Nick Thacker John Birmingham N.D. Hill Eva Winters Lee Hayton USA Today bestselling author Olivia Wildenstein Nathan Goodman John Ling Award-Winning author Fiona Quinn M.R. Graham USA Today bestselling author H.B. Moore Award-Winning author Pamela Crane Award-Winning author Ashley C. Harris Award-Winning author Terry Keys Steve P. Vincent Tina Glasneck Award-Wining author Pauline Creeden Dave Sinclair New York Times bestselling author Monica Corwin

Wiccan Wars

Author: Heather Marie Adkins
ISBN: 9781942143031
Size: 49.48 MB
Format: PDF
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Ever O'Connell prides herself on being a good Wiccan, and her coven follows the path of the Goddess with love and light. But the "dark" witches in school--the BlackMags-- keep pushing her toward the edge, until Ever finally finds herself at war.Cade Bourdain inherited his father's thirst for power, drawing him into darker areas of magick. Despite his dislike for the "Fluffy Bunny" Wiccans, he feels an unearthly connection to Ever.When the two strike up a secret relationship the real magic between them is ignited, generating a power that a dangerous warlock yearns to take for his own. Ensnared by the warlock, Ever and Cade's conflicting covens must work together despite their differences--or else be destroyed by a common enemy.The line between light and dark has never been so unclear.