Why Do We Say It

Publisher: Castle Books
ISBN: 9781555210106
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How did lollypops get their name? What's long about a longshoreman? Why do we pass the buck? The answers are in this fascinating volume. The intriguing origins of hundreds of unusual words and expressions are here, organized in a handy alphabetical format. Useful for reference and fun just for browsing, this book is also a great way to expand your vocabulary and enjoy doing it. The hardcover edition makes a wonderful gift for readers and writers, scholars and students. Uncover the mysteries of the modern English language and share the facts and trivia with your family and friends.


Author: David Walsh
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780743298889
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No. It's not just a one-word answer, it's a parenting strategy. By saying No when you need to, you help your children develop skills such as self-reliance, self-discipline, respect, integrity, the ability to delay gratification, and a host of other crucial character traits they need to be successful. Although the importance of using No should be obvious, many parents have a hard time saying it -- even when they know they should -- when other parents and the culture around them are being permissive. Now, successful psychologist, bestselling author, and nationally known parenting expert Dr. David Walsh provides you with an arsenal of tactics, explanations, and examples for using No the right way with your kids. With Dr. Walsh's straightforward "parent tool kits," you can assess and improve your relationship with your kids, set and enforce limits that make sense for different ages (from toddlers to teens), and otherwise make No a positive influence on kids' behavior and in your overall family life. Other parenting books broach the topics of tough love and discipline, but only No offers the lively voice, warm wisdom, science made simple, and breadth of knowledge that readers have come to expect from Dr. Walsh. The first look at the psychological importance of No in a child's development, No is filled with down-to-earth advice that you can put into practice immediately. Dr. Walsh's memorable, affecting, and sometimes humorous anecdotes remind you that you're not alone in your parenting struggles and help you regain confidence in your own judgment and ability to say No. His stories also reinforce his message that establishing healthy limits is not only essential for kids' well-being, it's vital for creating disciplined, productive adults who can compete in a global marketplace and ensure a prosperous economic future for our country. Most important, No gives parents real, effective strategies for helping their children bloom and grow, giving them the psychological resources to become healthy, happy adults.

Do Not Say We Have Nothing A Novel

Author: Madeleine Thien
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393609898
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Winner of the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the Governor General's Literary Award // Finalist for the Man Booker Prize and the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction "A powerfully expansive novel…Thien writes with the mastery of a conductor." —New York Times Book Review “In a single year, my father left us twice. The first time, to end his marriage, and the second, when he took his own life. I was ten years old.” Master storyteller Madeleine Thien takes us inside an extended family in China, showing us the lives of two successive generations—those who lived through Mao’s Cultural Revolution and their children, who became the students protesting in Tiananmen Square. At the center of this epic story are two young women, Marie and Ai-Ming. Through their relationship Marie strives to piece together the tale of her fractured family in present-day Vancouver, seeking answers in the fragile layers of their collective story. Her quest will unveil how Kai, her enigmatic father, a talented pianist, and Ai-Ming’s father, the shy and brilliant composer, Sparrow, along with the violin prodigy Zhuli were forced to reimagine their artistic and private selves during China’s political campaigns and how their fates reverberate through the years with lasting consequences. With maturity and sophistication, humor and beauty, Thien has crafted a novel that is at once intimate and grandly political, rooted in the details of life inside China yet transcendent in its universality.

Why Do I Have To Say Please And Thank You

Author: Chris McCurry
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Bks
ISBN: 9781847808660
Size: 25.50 MB
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Why Do I Have To Say Please And Thank You? provides the perfect platform to explore family issues and questions that children have as they grow up and try to make sense of the world around them. Each fully-illustrated spread poses questions around family structure, helping children to discuss new siblings, different family constellations, and adoption. Explanations and advice for parents and carers to help guide and inform their child have been compiled by two child psychologists.

How Is A Simile Similar To A Metaphor

Author: Rebecca Stefoff
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1515763897
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An engaging way to introduce young readers to parts of speech, particularly similes and metaphors. Explains the differences, and how best to use--and not use--said parts of speech. Fulfills Common Core standard for literature.

Beyond Trans

Author: Heath Fogg Davis
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 1479855405
Size: 57.36 MB
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Goes beyond transgender to question the need for gender classification. Beyond Trans pushes the conversation on gender identity to its limits: questioning the need for gender categories in the first place. Whether on birth certificates or college admissions applications or on bathroom doors, why do we need to mark people and places with sex categories? Do they serve a real purpose or are these places and forms just mechanisms of exclusion? Heath Fogg Davis offers an impassioned call to rethink the usefulness of dividing the world into not just Male and Female categories but even additional categories of Transgender and gender fluid. Davis, himself a transgender man, explores the underlying gender-enforcing policies and customs in American life that have led to transgender bathroom bills, college admissions controversies, and more, arguing that it is necessary for our society to take real steps to challenge the assumption that gender matters. He examines four areas where we need to re-think our sex-classification systems: sex-marked identity documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses and passports; sex-segregated public restrooms; single-sex colleges; and sex-segregated sports. Speaking from his own experience and drawing upon major cases of sex discrimination in the news and in the courts, Davis presents a persuasive case for challenging how individuals are classified according to sex and offers concrete recommendations for alleviating sex identity discrimination and sex-based disadvantage. For anyone in search of pragmatic ways to make our world more inclusive, Davis’ recommendations provide much-needed practical guidance about how to work through this complex issue. A provocative call to action, Beyond Trans pushes us to think how we can work to make America truly inclusive of all people.


Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Publisher: Riverhead Books
ISBN: 9781573228299
Size: 34.18 MB
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Argues that bosses, so-called experts, and authorities real and imaginary have taken over much of the decision-making power in our lives, and explains how the new technologies and media innovations are being co-opted to shape our world and to damage individual initiative. Reprint.

Why Do I Say These Things

Author: Jonathan Ross
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0553813498
Size: 67.40 MB
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Why is catalogue shopping responsible for Jonathan Ross's inimitable sense of style? Why might wearing cape and mask be a fast track to heaven? Why does Jonathan wince every time he sees a Hoover? And why did he fall in love with a deep-sea diver? Why? Because this is Jonathan Ross. And nothing is out of bounds when it comes to talking about life as he knows it. From sex and pugs to rock 'n' roll and genital warts, Jonathan holds forth as only he can. This sharply observed, laugh-out-loud, outrageous page-turner will leave you asking just one question . . . Why didn't he write it sooner?

What Was A Cliche Before It Became One

Author: Emma Carlson Berne
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1515763900
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"Anchors aweigh! Let's call a spade a spade. Last one out is a rotten egg! We've all heard cliché's before -lots and lots of times. That's the thing. We've heard them so often they've become meaningless. Learn what a cliché was before it became one, and practice weeding cliches out of your writing in favor of more precise language. Examples of cliché-ridden and cliché-free language abound in this title, along with fun exercises to help strengthen your poetry and prose"--Back cover.