Author: Jason Grabinger
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It was the 1850s when the first settlers arrived in the area that would become Willmar, Minnesota. Encouraged by the land itself, they came for the fertile soil and the beauty and serenity provided by the landscape. Calamity would strike in 1862 due to the Dakota War, causing residents to flee for safer pastures. In 1869, the Great Northern Railroad would again call settlers to Kandiyohi County. Most of Scandinavian descent, this hardy lot would not be driven from the land again. In 1870, acting as agent for the St. Paul & Pacific Railroad, Leon Chadwick Willmar purchased the title to Section 1 of Willmar Township. The following year, Willmar was officially named a city and became the county seat of Kandiyohi County. As the years passed from then to now, Willmar residents would face success and challenge, feast and famine, and partnership and controversy. No matter the circumstance, they would band together to face whatever arrived and join together in both celebration and sorrow.


Author: Alan Schroeder
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Young Harriet Tubman, whose childhood name was Minty, dreams of escaping slavery on the Brodas plantation in the late 1820s.

Minnesota In The 70s

Author: Dave Kenney
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"Minnesota forged an identity during the 1970s that would persist, rightly or wrongly, for decades to come. It was a place of note and consequence--a state of presidential candidates, grassroots activism, civic engagement, environmental awareness, and Mary Tyler Moore. All these subjects and more are covered in this book"--

Just Be Well

Author: Thomas A. Sult
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The practice of functional medicine is a discipline that treats people, not diseases. Dr. Sult looks at the eight key physiological processes of the functional medicine matrix, and brings together accessible information, patient stories, and sound advice that can lead you back to wellness and health.


Author: Temple Hauptfleisch
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Throughout the world festivals are growing - in numbers, in size, in significance - and serve as spaces where aesthetic encounters, religious and political celebrations, economic investments and public entertainment can take place. In this sense, festivals are theatrical events. Exploration of the theoretical frames of reference for the discussion about the present festival culture. Survey of 14 festival events throughout the world.

Welcome To My Planet

Author: Shannon Olson
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A young Minneapolis woman tries to pull her life together between visits to the Target supermarket, her mother, her boyfriends, and her therapist, The Counselor. A first novel. Reprint.

My Imprisonment God S Empowerment

Author: Bob Goris
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Bob Goris had just been sentenced to fifty-four months in prison. “How many years is that?” thought his wife. His family's final words to him as the federal marshal escorted him from the court room were, “We love you, Dad; we love you, Grandpa; we love you . . .”—each “love you” getting louder as more voices joined in and he got farther away. He turned, smiled briefly, and was ushered out.After seventy years of walking with Jesus and facing a four-and-a-half year prison sentence, Bob was driven to his knees. God was about to use him in ways beyond his expectations. God had a purpose for him in prison; he was on a mission and didn't know it. For many years Bob had prayed for more ministry opportunities, and now was about to find God had a plan and a purpose for his imprisonment. His imprisonment was God's empowerment for his life ministry.A broken marriage, illness, or financial difficulty may be your prison. As you read this true story, you will realize that nothing is too small to take to a big God who will be with you and help you through every challenge you face.


Author: Sandy Day
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Named after a Prussian officer who aided America during the Revolution, Fort Steuben was constructed in 1786 to protect government surveyors of the Old Northwest Territory. In 1797, Steubenville, one of the earliest settlements in Ohio, was founded and named after the fort. Located on the Ohio River, the town became a hub of transportation, bringing in settlers and industry. By the 20th century, Steubenville had become a center for steel production and coal mining. Important figures President Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, sports commentator “Jimmy the Greek,” and entertainer Dean Martin all are natives of Ohio’s eastern gateway, Steubenville.